How to feel better after being rejected

Here’s how to feel better after being rejected by a boy …

Maybe he said he “didn’t work,” or that he wanted to be “just friends.”

Whatever the case, nothing is as cool as being rejected by a guy.

Right now, yours self confidence it probably feels like it has been reduced to rubble.

But cheer up knowing you can pick up the pieces and begins again!

This disgusting sensation in your gut will go away soon enough, but here’s how to get there faster:

It is human nature to deny reality even when it looks us in the face.

It is best NOT to prolong the inevitable and let go of these feelings of loss stick to you.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to experience it all negative emotion that arose after the events.

Otherwise, bottling it and depriving yourself of an outlet will be easy delay the healing process.

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Do something constructive to work these accumulated emotions. Stay at a friend’s house and talk to her, she arrives introspective (like writing in your blog or diary), Do exercise (or something equally physical), or Express yourself artistically (like painting or singing).

We all have our own inclinations: find what you are most comfortable with and use it as a way to process your feelings.

Don’t try to change your mind

Boys are like puppies in many ways; the more aggressively you chase them, the more they back off and they will feel cornered.

Sending him text messages or angry emails, or trying to tell him you’re “the only one for him” is counterproductive. The longer you do this, the more bitter you will get it and move it away further away.

If you want to be respected and not burn any bridges, keep it classy.

Also, being attracted to someone is not really a conscious choice. Therefore, it is almost useless to try to argue that he should chase you.

No matter how hurt you are, the best strategy is to do it no let him “see you bleed.”

The better you handle thingsmore reasons will be sorry for letting you go in the first place.

Suppose he is no longer interested

This may sound like a pessimistic view, but you are actually doing it yourself a favor.

It helps to think of yourself as a business woman who just had a bad deal.

Why sit and mop until the cows come home?

When you’ve given yourself time to get a little angry, you’ll notice that there are some other perspectives on the horizon.

And the more you focus on these future opportunities, the sooner you can leave that “bad deal” behind. But that it doesn’t means you should connect with the next guy you meet.

Play it well and take time to focus on other areas of your life first. There are two benefits to doing this:

  • By working on your career, your hobbies, and your relationships with other people, you are setting yourself up to be a happier, more well-adapted woman than you are. needed nor desperate.
  • Most importantly, you are reminded that your happiness does not depend on one person. Not putting all your eggs in this basket means that your world will not collapse if it is not in you. The irony is that this attitude will help you get a high quality guy!

What happens if I come back to you?

If you change your mind, let us know (in a subtle way) that you can find at the time that suits you.

Give her a couple of options to meet (so she doesn’t look aggressive or cold) and let her choose. Starting again as a casual acquaintance, you will keep him in his better behavior.

He’ll think, “What’s wrong with her? I thought she was in me. I’ll change her mind.”

Remember that the most successful women in dating do not need a man to validate who they are. They are perfectly happy doing their thing and are in no hurry to get into a relationship.

They will only make that leap when the time is right, and not because they feel pressured to do so.

If you are not sure when the time is right, you should try to learn theirs Connection style first. It’s the best way to find out what makes him active and find out if you should jump into a relationship with him.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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