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Not everyone you know will end up happy forever, so you’ll probably end up with some incipient relationships during your time on MySingleFriend. While breaking up is hard to do, it’s important that you don’t take the easy path by making ghosts to someone. Here are some tips to help ease the way.

Don’t stay

As soon as you’re sure you don’t want to see them again, tell them. Don’t chain things longer than necessary by making half-hearted appointments. It’s not fair to them and it’s a waste of time you’re spending with someone else.

Meet them in person

If you’ve had a few dates with this person, please get to know him or her in person. While it may seem hard to do, it will make them both feel better. If you really can’t stand doing it in person, at least do it over the phone.

Be honest

Instead of inventing weird stories to save your feelings, keep it simple and honest. Say something like “I enjoyed spending time with you, but I don’t feel any spark.” However, don’t go too far and start exposing what you consider to be your mistakes. It is useless to hurt your feelings unnecessarily.

Listen to what they have to say

Once you’ve said your article, give them a chance to respond instead of rushing. They may tell you that they are surprised or disappointed, or they may agree that the relationship was going nowhere. If you stay and talk to them, you’ll both be better off.

Be aware of future interactions

Once you’ve said you’re not romantically interested, be clear about your future relationship. If you really want to be friends, say so. But if you don’t, make it clear that there is no confusion about how things will continue.

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