How to connect with your boyfriend

When you lose your connection with him, it hurts. I want to show you a trick to connect with your boyfriend here.

Look, pass all couples: One minute, you think you’re doing well, rolling in perfect happiness with your man.couple on the couch talking 300x199 How to connect with your boyfriend better than ever!

Then, all of a sudden, the small changes bring you up to date.

Your dates don’t seem exciting as before, and you feel with him as a task. You start arguing month; in addition, it starts to make you nervous.

Those tickles you heard at first? They are nowhere find it, and the connection you have doesn’t seem as amazing as you thought at first.

If you find yourself separating of your partner, you should try the following:

Connect with tip number 1: get it delivered Really Listen

One of the most common The complaints I hear from women are that men ignore them when they try to talk about something important.

The best way to solve this problem is first understanding how the boys work.

Most women do not understand that we think differently in the sense that we tend to focus all our attention on one specific thing at a time.

As much as we would to want a multitasking as women do, a boy’s mind filters out what he doesn’t consider relevant at the moment. For example, when boys return home after a long day, they are likely to concentrate shrinking before directing his attention to something else.

In this situation, your husband will do it it takes time to get into the groove of things before he can give you his full attention when you talk to him.

When you understand that way of thinking, it will be easier for you to get your husband to listen to you and connect with him as before. Just make sure you have yours full attention before raising a discussion.

Connect with him advice no. 2: He works with his attitude of Mr. Fix-It

When you have to pull something out of your chest, like the horrible coworker who wants to grab you, I know you want nothing more than your husband. just listen to you.

But sometimes, it frustrates you when it seems like it is no putting your side. Instead of giving you the empathetic, “poor baby” answer you’re looking for, he’s telling you how to deal with the problem.

And I totally understand these women do not do it they really want their boyfriend to do it offer a solution – knowing that your boy understands your pain is already a relief in itself.

You see, a guy shows that he cares about one differently. When someone she loves approaches her with a problem, she is forced to help her find a way out of the disaster she is in.

Men tend to approach the situation from a logical point of view more than emotional.

Then when he talks to “Well, maybe you should do _____” or “Have you tried to do ____?” he is helping you in a way that he knows.

So the next time you want to talk about something that bothers you, let them know right away that you already know what to do about it.

Say something like, “Dude, I’m going to fix the problem with her tomorrow, but I needed to get it out of my system; it really helps when you hear me, you know what I mean?”

Connect with him advice no. 3: Open it to the idea of ​​opening up

Most guys are in bit vigilant when it comes to talking about how they feel, women practically know it.

And I know it hurts when you just want to connect with him like you used to. However, it is no because it is deliberately shutting you out.

On the contrary, he may not think that talking about these things is right. For him, it could be it seems immature to open up about what you feel.

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The fact is that men do not treat everyday things from an emotional perspective. This means that he would rather give you the facts about his day than tell you what he really felt.

Try to ask him what he thinks more than what he feels about a particular topic. Then read through her statements and find out what she really means emotionally.

When he has finished speaking, he shows a little empathy by asking him things like, “Okay, so when your boss didn’t go with your project proposal, did you get discouraged? I know he would.”

Sometimes a guy just needs a little gentle persuasion to open these floodgates.

With a little time, it will be easier for him to tell you what he really feels and connect with you, which is the Holy Grail For women.

The connection you share with a guy can and will weaken as the months and years go by. So staying connected with him is just a matter of being on top of things.

A lot has to do with knowing your man alone Connection style so that it does not move away from you. Many of my clients had a hard time staying connected with their partners until they found out.

I can also help you solve this part of your relationship – it all starts here.

Yours, in Perfect Passion,

Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/28/2021

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