How To Be A Good Girl Start With These 6 Tips!

Learn to commit

Man, I wish couples would do more of that. Instead, I see both sides standing as if it were a competition. By being a good girl, she learns to commit from time to time to avoid creating contempt and bitterness.

Your husband loves to watch football on Sunday. You hate it. Ask yourself why you hate it, and you’ll find the answer. I realized that my girlfriend hated him because she didn’t understand, so I broke the laser pointer and told her.

Guess what? Now, she loves it!

Maybe your reasons are different. You have anxiety about separation and football Sunday means your husband is at his friend’s house. A reasonable commitment might be to encourage him to come to your home with his friends. Get interested. Learn the sport. Attract him with food!

If he is still a no, he must learn to commit.

Pay attention to how you act in public

A good way to be a good girl is to avoid getting dirty clothes in public.

I know a woman who finds pleasure in conveying her contempt for her husband to her friends while they are together in public. Really? How do you feel when this happens?

This is the fast track to a breakup. We all have our complaints, but they need to be discussed and resolved in private. Humiliating your husband in front of others or on social media hurts and will only lead to contempt.

Learn their love language

Gary Chapman gave us all a wonderful gift. Use it! If touch is your love language, touch it more often. Massage him right away or hold his hand when you walk.

This is an easy way to be a great girl that you will want to stay with!

I see couples who are constantly swimming upstream trying to get along when the answers are ahead. Ask yourself the basic question: What do you like? What do you need? What is your love language?

Instead, women (and men) pay attention to what they need and not your partner. Stop this. Relationships only work when each person understands what the other needs to feel happy and satisfied and takes steps to meet those needs.

How to be a good girl Stand by him

This can be tricky when it comes to family. Uncle Joe could have problems with your boyfriend’s politics. As reactions, it helps a lot to be a good girl.

I’ll argue that you probably spend a lot more time with your boyfriend than with Uncle Joe, so I should support him while you’re in Uncle Joe’s presence, even if you don’t agree with that policy.

Supporting him does not mean that you should always agree with him. Maintaining your own set of values ​​is key to a healthy relationship. It is when strangers, even family, try to throw a key between you that you have to defend it.

That makes you a good girl!

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