How to answer the most annoying questions in online dating: last first date

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Online dating is full of annoying questions. Here’s a guide on how to answer them, without losing patience or mind!

Do you find it frustrating when men in dating apps ask annoying questions like these from the start?

1) What are you looking for here?

2) How long have you been single?

3) How are you doing with this app?

If you’re never sure how to respond (or want to opt out of online dating), watch this video!

How to answer the most annoying questions in online dating

These annoying questions will appear in online dating whether you like it or not.

Three ways to approach annoying questions

1. Get angry

2. Get so angry that you leave online dating.

3. Look for clever ways to answer them. Here you have option three!

Smart ways to answer annoying questions

1) What are you looking for here?

  • I’m looking for my keys. Did you find them?
  • I’m looking for Mr. Goodbar. But any chocolate will be worth it.
  • I’m looking for answers. Do you have them?
  • I’m looking for my phone. Have you seen it?

2) How long have you been single?

  • Much longer than I’ve been twice 😉
  • Whenever I am ready to mingle.
  • Enough time to want to leave this app, and you?
  • In fact, I’m in a relationship with pizza 🙂
  • Long enough to be noticed and short enough to find a suitable match.

3) How are you doing with this app?

  • I’m doing well. How are you?
  • Great. I wouldn’t have known you if I hadn’t been in this app!
  • Fabulous. I know a lot of pretty people. How are you?
  • Not great. I decided to become a nun.

You can get angry, or you can get ready for the inevitable … annoying questions, or worse, people who don’t even ask questions. Take control of your love life by preparing in advance. I can guarantee you will enjoy your online dating much more. Who knows … you might even know your last date!

Please leave a comment and let me know which of these lines you can use in the future!

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