How long Tinder bans last

If you’ve been banned from Tinder, you may be wondering how long Tinder bans last? Today we will review how long Tinder bans last and talk about whether Tinder will ever oust you. This is a complete article on everything related to Tinder bans. However, if you want to read about disabling the Tinder ban, you can read our guide here.

We’ll also review what happens when Tinder bans you and whether it’s temporary or permanent. In addition, as an advantage, we will review some tactics and practices to avoid being banned from Tinder in the future. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

What happens when Tinder bans you??

When Tinder bans you, the next time you sign in, Tinder will give you error code 40303. That way you know when you’ve been banned. Sometimes, however, Tinder will say that your account has been banned. However, you will not be able to log in. This means that you will not be able to access your profile. You won’t be shown to anyone either.

Is the Tinder ban temporary or permanent?

Is it a temporary ban on Tinder? Unfortunately, it is not. When your account is banned, that’s it. Tinder also has no way of appealing a ban. If you want to read about disabling the Tinder ban, you can read our article on this.

How long Tinder bans last?

How long do Tinder bans last? Well, unfortunately, they last forever. There’s no way Tinder can get you out of here either. If you want to unseat, you have to do it yourself. You can use our guide here.

Will Tinder never let me down?

Unfortunately, Tinder will never let you down. Tinder has taken a firm stand in cracking down on users who have breached the terms of service or have been denounced enough to be banned.

This practically means that it is the end of the road for this profile. You will not have any resources and your only option is to use a new account with a different phone number.

Avoid being banned from Tinder

Therefore, Tinder bans are permanent, and once that happens, your account is terminated. The best way to deal with the ban on Tinder is not to be banned in the first place. The best way to do anything that can get you banned, so before we talk about tactics to avoid being banned, let’s review what can get you banned.

  • Nude / sexual content: In your profile, you cannot have any photos that are not explicit and not suitable for public consumption. This also applies to your biography.
  • Harassment: This includes any harassment aimed at matches or your profile. Harassment, intimidation and unsolicited sexual content are also included.
  • Violence and physical damage: This one shouldn’t say it, but threatening either of these two will ban you.
  • The Hate speech: Hate speech is another thing that will get you quickly kicked out of Tinder. This applies to both your profile and your matching chats.
  • Private information: Posting private information is a prohibited crime, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Things such as bank account balances, emails, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. are not allowed on Tinder.
  • Junk mail: Using Tinder to drive people to a website goes against the guidelines of the Tinder community and will ban you.
  • One person, one account: if two people share an account or juggle multiple accounts, you run the risk of one or both of these accounts being banned.

There are more, but they are fringes, and it would be difficult for a normal person to ban them. So, in addition to following community guidelines, is there any other way to avoid being banned from Tinder? Yes, there are some tactics you can use to reduce your chances of being banned.

The trick is to quickly switch from chat to app to chat via text, iMessage, Snapchat, or Instagram. Up to this point, you want to keep everything clean so that your party has no reason to report you. However, as soon as you’ve moved the conversations to another messaging app, immediately unlink this person. That way, they can’t go back and report you.

It may seem a little incomplete, and that’s because it is. This is one of the tactics used by catfish scammers to prevent their accounts from being banned. However, it works well and will certainly help prevent your account from being banned.


It is unfortunate that the answer to the question of how long Tinder bans last is forever. There is also no appeal process that is unfair because someone could just do it for you and be successful in finding a way to ban you. If this happens, you are helpless in the face of anything.

After all, it’s just a lazy way for Tinder to enforce its community guidelines and terms of service. There really should be a way to appeal the bans. From now on, the only way to get a new Tinder account after being banned is to use a new phone number. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Tinder also has a complete list of community guidelines if you want to check it out. It might be useful to keep you off the Tinder radar.

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