“How do I regain my passion?”

Sometimes marriages can get cold. You may be wondering how to regain your passion. How to find the romance you once had.

That’s what I’m going to address today …

Reader’s Question About Dating and Relationship Tips:

Hi Carlos,

I just read the connection code. I have been losing interest in my husband during our two decades together. I feel like many of the men you describe in your written content.

My husband has many good qualities and I feel bad that he now takes it for granted. We went through a period of at least 6 years where he took me for granted (in the past). I have been in therapy and recently another man has shown interest in me, which has caused my husband to get started, he is making travel plans for us, he is trying to understand me, he is going to counseling, he is bringing me chocolates, find fun things to do.

I know it’s ridiculous at 59 to start again when I have a good man who loves me.

How can I regain my passion for my husband?

– Anna


This is a great question, and thanks for posting …

This is also a VERY common cycle in which many relationships and marriages enter, but few ever speak. And this issue is female sexual boredom.

female sexual boredom Dating Tips Q&A: How do I regain my passion?

I don’t just mean sex in the way I sleep with him, I mean inside attraction. Period.

Look, the truth is that marriages beyond a few decades are not what we are wired for. Until a few hundred years ago, it was unlikely that you would live far beyond your children growing up and moving alone.

So having a relationship that lasts for many years WITHOUT a fall in attraction is the most likely thing you will face.

The question is, how do you get it back?

And the answer is that HE has more than 50% responsibility. If you’re a traditional “nice man” who has taken your relationship for granted (and both men and women do), you’ll need to really improve your “alpha man” game so that you feel good.

Don’t get me wrong – this situation should be hit with a high dose of TNT to get things back on track or just get over it.

By the way, is it so bad to end a relationship that no longer works?

If there are kids involved, I always say you should work to make it last until the kids reach adolescence.

You owe them so much.

Even mom and dad are basically roommates better than kids feeling the weird breakup divorces. I’m sorry, but this has been shown to be a better alternative.

(And if you answer, “But Carlos! If kids see our constant tension and fights, isn’t that MORE harmful?” Yes, except that your fights and fights are FULLY controllable by mature adults. in a safe exit for one or both parents for bail and take care of their own problems.Treat it for the kids.But I digress …)

If there are no children, move on with your lives. Make room for both of you to find someone else who can meet your needs TODAY.

Relationships only need to be “FOREVER” when we add our insecurities to the relationship as a way to calm our madness. We are by of losing a person, but we forget that we have lived much of our life WITHOUT her before we met her.

Okay, I’m everywhere here …

Look, if you can go out again, and get WORKED and PURSUING each other, like you did when you tried to WIN, you’ll see some transformation.

Ultimately, there is a chance that your feelings of love will turn into apathy.

This often happens with women who are expecting a relationship that doesn’t work for them.

For now, remember that passion does not come from sex, but from total engagement in the activities you do together.

shared activity Dating Guru Questions and Answers: How do I regain my passion?

Go on a trip to the Amazon (the river, not the place) and experience an adventure together. This is the BEST way to relive that feeling of love again.

Building a connection with a man is easy enough at first. The novelty of meeting someone new and the crazy chemistry going on is all you need to get into a relationship.

But what happens after they’ve been together for a while and the years have accumulated?

You need to make sure that your shared connection stays strong over the years (or decades) because ALL couples are at risk of breaking up.

Walking Couple Dating Tips Guru Questions and Answers: How can I regain my passion?

It will happen one way or another if YOU ALLOW IT. But there is a way to avoid this, and that is to find out the connection style of your man.

Every boy has his own unique way of connecting with his partner. Knowing your husband’s connection style will not only close this emotional distance between you, but it will ensure that none of you ever think about cheating.

This is pretty easy to learn to do, and you can go ahead and watch my free video for more details.

CLICK HERE to get started …

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