Guys, here’s an easy way to find out if she’s really attracted to you

Date duration and attraction

WI get it – sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how it feels for you. As she is processing her feelings at the beginning of a relationship, she will probably do great, making you question almost everything you have said or done. And maybe she doesn’t even know where she is. But now science says there’s an easy way to find out if you like it, or at least if you’re physically attracted to it.

If you want to know exactly how it feels, ask a simple question: How long did our date last? This may surprise you at first, but your answer will be revealing. If you love more time than the actual time of the date, then science says it was lost in your eyes … or your lips … or imagining directly your life together.

A new study in the Frontiers in Psychology magazine issued questionnaires before and after the dates to 37 volunteers (18 women and 19 men) during a quick appointment event. After each and every date, they were asked to estimate the length of the date, and in most cases, women overestimated the length of their date when they were attracted to who they saw. From this, the researchers found that women’s perception of time slows down when they are physically attracted to the person they are with. ““When a woman perceives a potential partner to be physically attractive, she pays attention to several other characteristics of that man to make a reasoned decision (e.g., financial resources and intelligence), devoting a lot of mental resources to that assessment. use of these cognitive resources would increase the perceived duration of the date, “the team explained to the study.

Men are usually the opposite, more of the “time flies when you have fun” type than the “time stops” type. This boils down to how men process information on a date. “Men tend to be less selective than women and may be attracted to potential partners based primarily on their physical“Of the men surveyed, those who were especially interested in their partner underestimated the length of their dating.”

Of course, all of this is quite subjective, but it’s worth asking some time-related questions to assess your level of interest. Or you know, you can ask the hard questions to get the answers you’re really looking for. Both approaches work: one may take longer than the other.

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