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Check out my deep dish podcast with Greg Dudzinski, Detroit’s Love Guru! Find out why the pandemic has further enhanced your chances of finding the love of your dreams!

Finding the Love of Your Dreams After 50: Frustrations

I work with many women looking to find love after 50. I have come to the conclusion that women of this age, in general, are by far the most interesting, accomplished and sexy. Once a woman reaches her middle age, she often has the self-confidence needed to really know what she wants. She has had many experiences and is less affected by the anxieties that consume the minds of younger women. He may have raised children, divorced once or twice, and may never have found true love. But in the process she has learned about herself. In this way, mature women are in the perfect place to find the love of their dreams.

Yet women, as they age, face certain realities. If it’s you, you may have been out of the dating game for a while. Everything can be a little intimidating. IMO, you need specialized dating advice to find the love of your dreams after 50 years.

You may be wondering if men just want to be with younger women. Or if you have to “turn off” and when. Some women look at their changing bodies and say, “To hell; I’d better stay home. “In fact, if you’re a highly successful woman, you may be exhausted. too boring!


Finding the Love of Your Dreams – Other Questions

  • Should you put in your dating profile?
  • Also, how to check to see if dating photos are really coming out and working for you or against you!
  • What color makes women and men look more attractive
  • How to Work a Dating Program for Three |
  • How sexual norms are changing
  • And much more….

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