Don’t make this big relationship mistake!

I want to warn you, don’t make this big relationship mistake that could scare men.

Stay with me while I tell you:

Have you ever thought about the things in life that we sometimes do? take it for grantedlike running water or public transportation for example?

You may experience occasional hiccups, but for the most part, you know this always will be there.

Intellectually, we know we need people and a lot of infrastructure to make these things work. However, let us introduce this fact to the bottom of our mind and conveniently to forget about this.

It’s like having a special person in your life.

There are many women who believe that they can only let the relationship work with cruise control, sitting and relaxing.

After all, how could something that feels so amazing always go wrong

And this is where things get messy. This kind of thinking tends to go beyond our best judgment, and that is that “High love‘It’s really his fault.

Think about it: romance literally triggers a release of neurotransmitters in our system that are basically chemicals that give us this press We yearn.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves trapped in this temporary but addictive euphoria.

It can be hard once that effect fades and then we have to face reality.

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Keep up to date with the change of relationship

Therefore, many women are so caught up in this romantic phase and overlook the obvious.

They end up neglecting the reality that people – and the relationships that exist – he won’t be the same a few years (or even months) later.

And when the change touches them like a pile of bricks, it seems to them that it has come out of nowhere.

They are real surprised that the person they have put on a pedestal has turned out to be as fallible as anyone else.

These women cannot process this fact is simple and makes it difficult for them to do so do something about these changes.

Even when it is happening before their eyes, they refuse to accept this natural stage of their relationship.

Yes, it is natural get over the romantic feelings you have for a person. On the surface, changing the way you feel about the person you love can be a by thought.

However, once you overcome this fear, you will finally understand that you can replace these romantic feelings with a kind of deeper love later on.

Taking out the antecedents and moving forward with love

But it will not go unnoticed to reach the next level of your relationship.

That’s why the worst thing you can do is assume that you will get through this stage although don’t put in the work necessary for the gears to spin in your relationship.

And doing so means actively deciding to adjust to these changes However to make the eyes fat or to resist them.

Those who do not end up believing that their changes are too for them to handle. And when they follow this path, their relationship will end up in pieces like a faulty car, leaving them permanently stranded on the road.

But this is totally avoidable. As dangerous as it is to resist changes in your relationship, adapting to them is not as difficult as you might think.

The first step is to do it stop denying that you and your partner will become different people along the way

Let it be a fact that you have been changing the moment you become a partner, and this directly affects the dynamics of your relationship.

With this kind of mindset, you will spend less energy resist change and focus on adjusting to your differences.

At first you might think there are some nothing you may never disagree with your partner, but soon these differences WILL arise, and it will not be beautiful.

There is without moving the reality that you grew up differently from your partner and that you had different experiences growing up.

Like it or not, your respective principles and values ​​will go into this ring and they will. Therefore, you can also learn to accept this chaotic moment in your relationship to get out of one piece.

And if you want to get ready for this inevitable “title fight,” you’ll need to look at it from your partner’s perspective.

Ask yourself some key questions about your partner, such as:

  • “Why is that? passionate when we discuss how we spend money on the relationship? “
  • “Why him close as long as I make the slightest mention of commitment or of establishing myself? Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.
  • “Sometimes he seems so stoic and I don’t understand why he doesn’t share his feelings with me. He thinks I am too emotional just because I don’t close it like him. “

As you explore these difficult questions, you will delve into the hearts of others, revealing that inner part of yourself that was not so obvious before.

And this is where the REAL the growth of your relationship begins.

Gradually, you will overcome it emotionally turbulent part of your relationship and learn to adapt to your increasingly emerging differences along the way.

Of course, this process is gradual and you’ll spend quite a bit of time making these little discoveries and milestones along the way. But all this effort will pay in the end.

Taking the time to get to know each other on a deeper level is, in many ways, investing in a richer future for you and your partner. Best of all, you will agree that neither your relationship nor your partner should be flawless.

When working with these defects, you can use them as a way to do so appreciate your partner, warts and all. And then those petty arguments it won’t matter all the more so; this is because you will finally understand WHY you have them in the first place.

This is the beauty of lasting relationships:

Couples who have grown up together know that there are things they will NEVER agree on, but they have learned to live with.

That only quality is what separate them from other couples. But none of this will be possible if you do not take an active role in dealing with your differences.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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