Do you have to be honest with men?

Do you have to be honest with men? Is it really the best policy when it comes to dating and relationships?

Fact: Not all women are “feminine” or too feminine.

And that’s perfectly fine with me. In fact, I’ve been dating more than a few ladies myself i enjoyed every minute.

But then, these women might find themselves in trouble when it comes to how they behave with boys.

Some of them think, “Should I become a gentle version of myself just to have a husband or a boyfriend? Does being independent mean having to do it? give up any possibility of relationship?

I can appreciate where this feeling comes from.

At a time when women run multinational companies and holding companies positions of power in global politics, it can be confusing for women of strong will who just want a guy to appreciate their quite feminine (and NOT be threatened by it).

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Make the difficult decision with men and relationships

So let me ask you: do you have to act like a lady, with dolls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and hand over all the decision-making to a guy to please?

In short, absolutely NO.

“Keeping it real” is not an obstacle to a healthy and lasting relationship with a guy.

Of course, there are guys who only don’t dig the fact that women can be as assertive and confident as their male counterparts, but that shouldn’t be the case. yours concern.

If you acted like a different person and wiped out all traces of your REAL personality, sooner or later this real version of yourself is coming to the surfacewhether you like it or not.

And this is a recipe for disaster in a relationship.

He will hear blind and wonder what happened to the woman he met. Worse, he won’t know where to go from there.

Think of it this way: if you find a guy who acts in a certain way to impress you, then it turns out to be completely different, you feel confused, hurt and in general. disgusted by it all.

Let the truth set you free (from bad dating tips)

And it’s not about being strong or independent instead of being relaxed and complacent.

The question is, if you they did not arrive about who you really were from the beginning, you have nothing but problems in your hands.

Like I said, not all guys appreciate a strong woman.

But ask yourself, is there any real reason to hide who you are?

It’s an excuse to let him receive the check all the time, to do his best to look “handsome” every minute you’re together or giving up all yours power in the relationship to do so feel in charge?

There is only one path you should follow, and that is what has been built TRUTH.

I’m not saying that all guys will be great to date an independent girl. They could go very well to the hills if they wanted to.

And if you have to go out with one of these “traditional”Comrades, you will save yourself a lot of potential pain if you agree to disagree BEFORE get into a real relationship.

Why lengthen the inevitable when can you deal with it early? In addition, you can do this to experiment and learn from what happened: this is not a bad thing.

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On the other hand, he might be blown away by the fact that he’s dating one safe woman. By keeping it real, it will respect yourself to be genuine and sincere with him from the first moment.

RESPECT is the best basis for having a relationship.

Of course, don’t confuse “being yourself” with letting a guy do it all and not finding it halfway. No one owes entertainment and fun just for the sake of it appear.

All I say is this suppressing the basic qualities that make you, “YOU” are more problems than they are worth. By staying genuine all the time, you will focus on the best possible partner – and filters the others.

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I know how confusing it can be to balance “keeping it real” with pleasing your man.

But it’s something you can do learn and master – all in a few easy steps.

If you need some guidance on this, I encourage you to check out my full-featured attraction creation program called “Irresistible desire‘.

I’ll show you what it really takes to captivate a guy (and stay true to yourself), from a man’s perspective. Head over here to get started NOW.

Yours in perfect passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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