Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? Five tricks to change your mind

do you feel fat and uncomfortable

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? Are you obsessed with your weight? Avoid mirrors whenever possible? Well, these are all signs that you need to change your mind. And in this post, just in time for the New Year, I’ll show you five powerful tricks to help you get over your stinky thinking. That’s okay. Without dieting!

Guess what? No one has a perfect body. Those photos you see of celebrities in magazines are retouched. These movie and TV actors are layered makeup and have double the body half the time. The models you see on the catwalks often suffer from feeling fat and uncomfortable. And they struggle with eating disorders that can make them look like skeletons. The obsession with being thin, young, and perfect-looking is the evil of our culture.

In fact, everyone in this culture suffers from what I call body blues at some point in their teenage and adult lives. And body blues can have a profound impact on your dating and love relationships.

So we changed our minds about feeling fat and uncomfortable using five proven tricks.

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? # 1. Change to more positive thinking

It’s not your physical problems, but your thinking about how bad it is that causes problems. You see your skinny and start thinking how unattractive and what a deviation it is. Negative self-talk leads to depression and discomfort, which in turn can affect the way you treat others. But here’s the best news: Research shows that you can break this pattern by changing those thoughts. Like anything else, when it comes to changing mental habits, practice makes everything work.

For 10 to 15 minutes several times a week, write a neutral or positive statement about your body complaint (e.g., “Being overweight is a minor problem. ” O “They are only 15 pounds more.”) Read the statement aloud. When a doubt or a negative idea arises, such as “She is OK.”Just write it down. Continue this process, alternating neutral and negative thoughts about your body complaint until you feel a positive change in your mood. This will help neutralize any complaints you may have about your condition and get your brain into the habit of counteracting negative thoughts with a positive response.

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? # 2. The exercise of the mirror

Look in the mirror and choose from 3 to 5 things that you like about your physical appearance. Wear tight-fitting but non-revealing clothing so you can do this exercise even if you have a body blue rash and feel fat. When practiced regularly, this exercise will shift your attention to your physical insecurities and to the physical characteristics you enjoy. Studies have shown that the exercise of the mirror is especially useful to do before going to a social gathering because it will help you increase your confidence and help you stop the game of comparisons, judging by how they look or feel. dress the other people you know. In fact, we use this simple but powerful hack with our coaching clients.

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? # 3. Look around you

First, take a good look at your group of friends or people in a crowd the next time you go out. Then notice that couples come in all shapes and sizes and that being in a relationship is not just for physically perfect people. In fact, people in a relationship are overweight, short, thin, tall, have acne, facial scars, and other skin conditions. Think about the fact that most people have physical defects and you will feel more optimistic about your own chances of a love affair.

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? # 4. Choose wisely when sharing information

Practice being indifferent to your appearance. In particular, avoid injecting negative judgments, such as “It’s awful,” in your self-description or in depression. So if you don’t think it’s a big deal, other people will see you the same way.

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? # 5. Be picky about choosing a romantic partner

Don’t settle for anything. For example, a candidate should meet the following three criteria if they want to have a healthy and meaningful place in your dating life.

  • He has strong feelings about you – You should even like who you are. A good couple doesn’t focus on extra grains, wrinkles, or extra pounds.
  • He wants to grow – There is no perfect partner. Choose someone who is willing to work for yourself.
  • Complies with the basics – A future partner for a lasting love is a good person with integrity, who shares your values ​​and goals and has a romantic chemistry with you.

With these five simple practices, you can end many of the psychological and relationship problems that often occur when you feel fat and uncomfortable. In fact, you will learn to accept your body, however imperfect, as the right one for you. So make this your goal for 2022. And to read more about how to increase your self-esteem and build irresistible confidence, select Love in 90 Days. It is recently revised and expanded.

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