Commitments and appointments of presidents

Before we delve into our president’s love life and dating apps, congratulations on two (not one!) Commitments from my clients this past weekend! Nothing makes me happier.

On Friday night, Jack C. * (from Palm Beach, Fl and NYC), a 59-year-old widow, proposed to Anna, a lovely woman he met on almost 10 months ago. It was great to work with Jack and even after 14 match dates he remained optimistic! He even arranged one of his dates with his business partner. They’re planning a May wedding!

Fiona R *, a 53-year-old divorced businesswoman from Dallas, TX, called me late Saturday night with Michael, 47, also on the phone, very excited and laughing. As he said, he had advanced to Bumble and Michael was his seventh date. Fiona was initially very nervous both about using me as a dating coach and about going out again, in general. She thanked me for helping her “craft” her messages to men and for choosing the photos she posted. Michael said what caught him was his photo holding a nice turkey dinner with a turkey hat! June wedding.

With Presidents Day weekend coming up, I thought it would be interesting to imagine what dating apps some of our presidents would have used if they had the right dating counselor and dating coach …

As one president put it about his love life “Every success starts with the decision to try” and he bets that this president had a great dating strategy. Yes, it is one of the following 6; can you guess

Lincoln: Match would have been a great choice for Abe: all these fantastic photos from his hat collection and beard length would not be wasted with’s large photo policy. Your profile date? “People are usually as happy as they decide.”

Biden: As the oldest president in our country ever … Silver singles!

JFK: As a Harvard graduate, JFK would have clearly chosen The League … until he realized that there are no more Ivy graduates in this app … then maybe he would have gone ahead … go , I can’t say this. !

George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter: Bumble … where women are at the forefront!

Clinton: Obviously Bill would have been on Tinder … no explanation here!

Washington: George as First President of the United States would have needed a special first lady; therefore, he probably addressed Raya, the celebrity app, although after using the app he commented “It’s better to be alone than in bad company”.

So how’s your dating strategy going? Are you still on the verge of finding someone to enjoy spring / summer and more with? You may read this: What is your dating plan? (

I look forward to working with you … and Congratulations to Jack and Fiona … I have to admit I missed our weekly coaching calls, but I’m in the business of losing clients … good reason! I look forward to hearing from you; Yes, I answer my own phone number: 702-494-7344 and I am in the Eastern time zone.

* Names have been changed

Love and laughter


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