Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings? The honest answer

Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?

If there’s one question every woman should ask throughout her life, it’s this one.

Ideally, you should ask before slept with any man. Unfortunately, many women never ask this question well in advance.

Instead, many women end up having to learn the hard way, because instead of asking the question and the search for clever answers, we take for granted the advice of well-meaning friends and average people.

And what most average people say is something like:

“It’s your body. So have sex with a man if you want. If men can do it, so can women. To hell with double standards!”

I disagree with this typical advice. I think it puts women in a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So let me answer this question “can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings” for you, because when you have the answer, it will make a difference in your love life.

What is the only specific emotional trigger for every man in this world that inspires him to want to engage with a woman, take care of her, adore her, and just her?

Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?

Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?

Of course they can.

So think about it …

When you go to the bathroom and do your business, do you develop feelings for the toilet?

Probably not.

I mean, if you do, that’s fine. But if you actually do, I would imagine and say that you are one of the exceptions.

Men can definitely sleep with a woman without developing feelings.

In fact, this is what they do every day. Consider it its default state.

Not a very inspiring answer, is it?

Well, wait a minute, because there are more things.

Men tin develop feelings for a woman, but those feelings are completely separate from the sex itself.

Sex will not make you feel it for you.

In fact, the more you try to use sex to get him to have sex with you, the more he’ll hurt you (unless he’s already in love with you, of course).

Think of it this way:

If you were a man (yes, really) …

If you were a man and had a penis and testicles that produce 320 million sperm a day, what would you want?

You would want a place to put those sperm abundant, cheap, sometimes tailless and often aimless.

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WHY can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?

The reason why men can sleep with you without developing feelings has to do with sperm production.

Specifically, the amount and regularity in which sperm is produced.

Here’s the thing:

Every man produces so many sperm that if they don’t actively “release” some sperm every 12-48 hours, it starts to become very uncomfortable for them.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either per men (I take my job seriously and haven’t done this job just for laughs for over 12 years).

If you doubt me, you can try to ask any young man (under 45) in your life how he feels after 4 days without letting go of his sperm.

Therefore, men need to release their sperm. To achieve this, they only need a “place” to release it.

It could be anywhere, as long as it’s a willing “place,” that is, a woman or some other more neutral place.

If you as a woman offer this “place” without (or before) ever build any real emotional connection o emotional attractionthen you become another place where he released his sperm.

Yes, even if you have chemistry. If you had chemistry and attraction, it just means that maybe the launch was more exciting for him.

Remember this:

He is a man.

She has no belly.

It doesn’t happen and never will go through the incredibly vulnerable stage of being pregnant and raising young.

Therefore, he does not have the instinct to create emotional bonds through sex.

I mean it won’t even cross his mind unless and until it really starts to worry about you.

Even if I wanted to create an emotional bond with you through sex, often he will do it just for you not by himself.

This means that love and sex are not connected to your mind.

It takes a certain kind of emotional connection and emotional attraction to a woman to get a man to connect love and sex with you.

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But do some men INSIST that they can develop feelings for a woman through sex?

About those men who insist that they can actually develop feelings and hook up with a woman through sex?

Well, first of all, men are not always very good at articulating how their own body works.

In addition, men’s bodies function (produce sperm) regardless of what they choose to do with their lives.

They can become vegan, go to the Amazon rainforest, meditate and avoid sex as much as they want, but their bodies will still produce sperm, because that’s why they’re made.

So no, men don’t capture feelings through sex with a woman or connection with a woman.

The only situation they can face is when there is emotional attraction and emotional connection, the two most important ingredients in any long-term passionate and committed relationship.

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How often can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?


That’s right, infinity.

That means having sex with a man, even if you do for years – You can never will never make him feel emotionally attached to you.

Because in his mind, sex and love exist differently departments.

D.Shen (my husband) explained it well:

“One of the biggest and most important ideas to understand is that for a man, love and sex are two different and separate processes.

If you were to examine a female woman’s brain using an MRI, you’ll see that the parts of her brain that light up for sex are quite similar to the parts of her brain that light up for love. .

There is a big overlap.

While for most male men, the overlap is very small.

In other words, the part of your brain that lights up when you think about sex is very different from the parts of your brain that think about love.

What does this mean for you? It means that men, by default, separate love and sex.

Never assume that having sex with a man will love you more.

And don’t assume that if he loved you, he would have sex with you. These are two very different paths for a man. “


What a revelation for most female women who just don’t understand how it’s the same humanly possible sleeping with someone repeatedly, and never – never – developing feelings for her.

What should you do with this information?

There is no quick and easy way to handle this information.

Accept that this is so, and don’t let politically correct modern culture try to turn you away from the truth.

Ultimately, if you ask for the truth to disappear, it will make you weaker and less empowered as a woman.

So choose to accept it and work on it.

This is the best way to get hold of it (instead of making a fuss and demanding that everyone stop having double standards).

Do you understand what is going on in your mind?

So here’s what I suggest: give yourself the gift of understanding the male perspective.

Start here.

Just like if you had to start a new business, for example, a new active clothing line, a lingerie company, or a new cake business, you would find out the value that the customer perceives.

You wouldn’t be stupid enough to get angry with them for buying from our competition (and not seeing the true value of your product), because your business would sink in the blink of an eye.

Don’t worry about men being men.

Instead, learn about them so that you can be educated and loved and valued by all men of great value everywhere.

Once you understand the male perspective, you no longer have to fall for the nonsensical advice that pop culture perpetuates.

So make it a point to understand men deeply.

And let me share with you a little vision I gained during my 12 years doing this work:

Women who invest in their understanding of men, are the ones who spend an easier time with men.

They experience less toxicity and find that being loved and valued by men is as easy as tying shoelaces.

So would you like to discover the secrets of the male perspective so that you can communicate with any man, connect with him heart to heart, and inspire his deepest loyalty and commitment?

So here’s what I’d like to invite you to do:

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(The promise of this course is that you will discover the secrets of the male perspective so that you can communicate with any man, connect with him heart to heart, and inspire his deepest loyalty and commitment.)

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I know it’s hard to understand men first …

I know it’s always hard to get to understand someone else, especially the male species.

I mean, they are very different from you.

But always remember that getting to know someone else benefits you most, and only them in the background.

The women who have taken this course understand the men to know which benefits them more than not man. And I’ve heard so many women say,

“I wish I had done this course 30 years ago !! It would have saved me a lot of trouble! “

Now for some frequently asked questions …

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Frequently asked questions

Do guys catch feelings after connecting?

If it’s just a connection, absolutely not.

But there is one circumstance in which they will capture feelings, and that is if you create emotional attraction and emotional connection with the boy.

Once you start feeling these things, it will capture feelings for you. Genuine feelings, not just falling in love.

How do you know a guy is emotionally attached?

How often can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings?


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