Avoid these 5 types of single moms!

Avoid these 5 types of single moms! (Real story of single mom drama!)

Friends, no matter how hot or desperate you are, you should avoid these 5 types of single moms at all costs!

This is a true story of a single mother’s drama coming directly from a viewer’s commentary.

Tip only 1

No matter how exciting or surprising it may seem, if you are a single mom, you should assume that your value is automatically higher than yours.

Tip only 7

All single mothers are more selfish than single women without children. They have to be.

Friends, no matter how hot or desperate you are, you should avoid these 5 types of single moms at all costs!

So you definitely want to avoid these 5 types of single moms.

Let’s get into the story and I’ll reveal to you along the way how to avoid these 5 types of single moms and what this frustrated partner should do!

Types of single mothers

We’ll call our partner, WTF … because … seriously, WTF ?!

WFT writes …

I’ve been noticing that my girlfriend (single mom in her 30s) makes assumptions about what I’m doing and makes those assumptions come true … and demands that they be made.

Single mother type 1: I’m always right, you’re always wrong

We know right away that he has problems.

Any woman can have this “always right” attitude.

But when it comes to raising her child, a single mother thinks that only she knows what is best for them.

There are also other reasons why women in general think they are always right.

Watch my video on Why You Think You’re Always Right But You’re Not. Link at the end.

Any woman, single mother or not, who is always right will make your life a living hell, but even more so when dealing with a single mother, especially when it comes to matters with her children.

WTF keeps typing …

So I had a recent situation that was like this:

I’m working on the 3rd shift and my girlfriend is talking about a pumpkin farm a month in advance.

He always takes his children to the pumpkin farm every year.

He talked about the pumpkin farm a couple of times before he got there, but he said that if he couldn’t get to the pumpkin farm and had to sleep to work, that’s fine.

AJ Interjection

So that’s good. She is a good mother to give consistency to her child.

They seem to be a good couple because they understand their need to sleep.

Tip only 1

NEVER make a promise to a single mother that you are not willing to die in honor.

Especially if it has something to do with your child. Anything.

This is not reasonable!

Hint: one may be as good as a promise to a child or his mother.


Imagine that you are the son of a single mother and that you are dating a boy who is not your father.

First of all, your world is already confused and messy: you didn’t choose to be the son of a single mother.

But she’s trying to give you some consistency and stability.

This means that if you are that child and you are told that the stepfather could do such and such, then you need him to do such and such.

So as a man, going out with a single mom, you don’t have to make any promises or even say maybe unless you can commit 100%.

Tip only 2

Maybe this becomes not much more disappointing than a non-direct one.

Like it or not, if you’re thinking of dating a single mom, your new motto is: Promise and Deliver!

Let’s go back to WTF …

The day comes and he wakes me up and asks me to come, but I need to get some more sleep and he tells me we have to go right, otherwise there won’t be enough time to come.

I told her I needed more sleep, she was very upset, she didn’t say a word but she was upset.

Single mother type # 2: silent but deadly, also aggressive passive

Gentlemen, this is not necessarily the case here, but a woman who walks away calmly in anger will make you pay later.

If he does the silent treatment for you, you may think that it is easy for you, but it will torture your soul in other ways.

If he pretends that everything is fine, but then he punishes you in other ways, like …

  • retain affection but claiming he has a headache
  • go to your mother’s house and grab the leftovers so you don’t have anything to eat
  • ignoring your texts and then saying she was busy or distracted
  • anything unusual but aimed at hurting you

“That’s a big red flag!”

This woman gave him almost no warning that morning about leaving (supposedly to let him sleep), but he left immediately so that he had no chance.

That’s what WTF says …

She just came out and when I got up 10 minutes later she sent me a text message very annoying about the situation (sometimes she starts arguing about the text, which I am starting to hate).

Single sea type # 3: drama sea

First of all, you shouldn’t start hating this, you should hate it from the start.

Initiating arguments about the text is immature and a red flag!

But sometimes a woman is upset and leaves to calm down or to give herself a chance to reflect on the situation.

The difference between a single mother’s nightmare and a good single mother’s is that the latter will not go crazy.

Tip only 3

Remember that women are emotional creatures. It’s okay for them to have feelings.

We are disappointed from time to time, just like you.

It is not right to express such feelings in an inappropriate or abusive way.

But if she is emotionally healthy, she will manage and moderate her feelings and discuss her needs with maturity.

Friends, if you like to start text message fights, it’s an emotionally damaged Mamma Drama.

If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you’ll know that I’ve said that women need emotional stimulation.

Whether by nature or by nourishment, we get bored more easily than you.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m not the Creator!

But a single mother will usually have a lot of stimulation just by having a baby. Children need a lot of mental capacity.

So if you still need to create drama with yourself … red flag!

WTF continues …

We’ll get to that later. I’m calm and I try to be positive after she ends up taking the kids, but I couldn’t “pretend” to be positive like she said.

AJ Interjection

Surprise! Not being able to pretend to be positive is not in itself a red flag, comrades.

You don’t want a woman who can feign feelings because this type of woman is much better at manipulating and / or more likely to be a psychopath!

But you want a woman who can moderate her feelings properly.

Return to WTF …

She basically told me I hurt her for not coming to the pumpkin farm, she cried on the way home after seeing people together and I not being there.

I wanted to let him know that he was not only coming to the pumpkin farm to sleep. I told him it was for my job.

Mother Tip # 4: Read my mind

Most women expect men to be furry women.

In other words, somehow, because women are willing to pick up on the tacit nuances of the emotions that others show, they think that men are also readers of the mind.

Tip only 4

Women are more intuitive in expressing subtleties, but they are not always right about what these subtleties mean.

So of course she was disappointed, but she didn’t tell him in advance about the importance of this pumpkin event.

I! He didn’t care that he was a hardworking man who needed some sleep.

If it was that important to her, she shouldn’t have guessed he would know and then punish him for not knowing.

Tip only 5

Friends, single mothers expect you to go through their children as much or more than you would for them.

If that’s not something you can or want to do, don’t go out with a single mom! It’s a package.

Stay tuned because when we finish the WTF story, I’ll give you some extra tips for the types of single moms to avoid.

Meanwhile, WTF continues …

We talked about it a couple of weeks ago. I work long hours, I may be exhausted after work, I handle hazardous chemicals and the tests we do need accurate results and I cannot report incorrect results, otherwise something bad may happen due to a chemical reaction.

I also fell asleep behind the wheel the week before and hit a curb waking up.

I told him this after the fact and told him it was about my health and safety and he told me no, no.

Mother type number 5: me, me ME!

Yes, comrades, I also want to shake this single mother !!

Here are two things:
  1. If he gave you an idea to attend the pumpkin patch, he assured that he took it as a yes, absolutely, that depends on him.

If you’ve been dating her for a long time, you know they might give you hope and disappoint you doubly when they become no.

Again, you can’t hope for more, especially when it comes to your child.

2. Your job requires you to get enough sleep and you should have told you that you fell asleep behind the wheel when it happened.

Telling him after the facts makes it look like he is inventing stories to emphasize his point about the need for sleep.

Tip only 6

You have to take responsibility where you can, comrades. The more you do it, the more he will trust your word.

You better disappoint her sooner rather than later.

WTF ends with …

This bothered me a lot and I’m starting to feel like she only cares about herself in this relationship.

Tip only 7

All single mothers are more selfish than single women without children.

They have to be. That’s part of what makes them good mothers.

In fact, if she is not acting in the best interests of her child, she is not a good mother and you should question her character.

But there is a difference between an emotionally healthy single mother who can add value to your life and an emotionally damaged single mother who will destroy your life!

Don’t go out with a single mother with emotional damage. Point.

You will end up losing your mind, your money and maybe your freedom!

Not all single mothers are damaged property.

AJ Real story

My dad died when I was almost 12 and my mom stayed single for 10 years before considering going out again.

At the time, I was still discovering my life and living at home with her, so even though it was not legally a dependency, I still lived with her and she protected me a lot.

This is a good mother!

But making a man pay for the sins of a woman’s bad past choices does not translate into good motherly behavior.

We end the story of WTF …

He is getting the shaft even if he gives it his own. ⁇

He must find out his standards, expectations and limits and express them with kindness but firmness.

Key point!

We teach people how to treat us!

If you don’t get rid of the bad behavior right away, it’s much harder to do.

If a woman can’t have a mature argument after the heat of the moment — something I don’t have much hope for in this case — a man should reduce his losses and flee sooner rather than later.


If a woman is emotionally harmed, a narcissist, or a psychopath, a man needs an exit strategy that includes evidence so that he does not threaten, trap, or accuse him unjustly.

I’m sorry, guys, the laws aren’t in your favor, especially when it comes to single moms.

If you’ve come this far, you’ve either dated a single mother in the past or you’ve thought about it.

I invite you to watch my videos, Don’t hang out with these single moms and just consider hanging out with these single moms below.

Look at them now … for you and your children!

Good luck, I pray for you, God bless!

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