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Do you think you don’t have enough dates and don’t know why? We often blame external factors for the fact that our love life is not going the way we would like, but sometimes our own unconscious behaviors are things that hold us back. This is how you can be sabotaging your life as a couple without even realizing it.

You are not paying attention to your profile

If you’ve been online for a long time and you don’t care much, it’s time to change your profile. The most important thing you can do is add new photos, but small details like changing the age range of the people you are looking for can also help. An outdated and abandoned profile will do you no favors.

It takes ages to respond to messages

While you don’t need to respond instantly, if you leave too much time to get back in touch, potential dating will think you don’t take dating seriously and move on. Take the time to reply to all messages at least once a day.

You’re playing too cool

Playing hard to get it rarely works, and it’s definitely a no-brainer if you’re communicating online and haven’t met yet! Enthusiasm is appealing, so show your enthusiasm for meeting people and getting to know them.

You are looking for too many reasons to reject people

If you look at all the potential dating profiles for reasons not to go out, you can’t claim that there aren’t good people. If you look for the right things and give everyone a chance, you are much more likely to find someone.

You are not available

If you are so busy with work that you barely have time to schedule an appointment with the dentist, let alone an appointment, you will find it difficult to meet someone. Think about whether this is the right time to have a date and whether you need to make changes so that you have time to really go.

You are not making appointments a priority

The previous point leads to this. If you are not making time for the attention you deserve on dating, it will be very difficult for you to meet someone. If you take your life as a couple seriously, make it a priority and you’ll end up with some great dates soon.

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