Are you using it? 10 signals

Maybe you like the guy you’re dating right now and you want that relationship to grow. But something inside you is alert: “Are you using me?” you ask.

Maybe you feel something switched off about him. Or maybe you’re wondering if he’s a player …

Or you might be wondering if you’re being too paranoid about all this. And the last thing you want to do is ruin your love by being too suspicious, right?

Happy Couples 7 Are you using it?  10 signals

Too good to be true?

Well, let’s talk about some of the warning signs that a man is using on you. This will help you spot the guys who are trying to take advantage of you to avoid them.

First of all, let me help you take a deep breath and relax: most men are. no users, players or idiots.

Most guys really are decent and sincere men.

However, if you experience a lot of losers and users yours life, you may want to take a look at your dating style. Because maybe you’re doing something that attracts this kind of man to you.

Let me be clear: I am no saying it’s yours guilt.

The unfortunate reality is that a certain type of man is going to look certain signals. Some behaviors will awaken your predatory instincts.

And if by chance you show him these signs, he can concentrate about you as its prey.

Let me be clear again: This kind of behavior of a boy is UNACCEPTABLE, in my opinion. And staying with a guy like that is the same equally unacceptable.

I’ll talk more about it here, but first let’s say:

Are you using it?

SIGN # 1: It’s a real rich …

You may remember this old character from a song from the early 90’s: “Rico Suave”. This guy was so quiet with women that he was really exaggerating. The name became synonymous with a lady man.

He is usually fit, tanned, charismatic, handsome, soft with words … That’s all a woman wants. Which immediately starts ringing your radar.

Happy Couples 13 Are you using it?  10 signals

Smooth movements …

But the problem is – He is EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

It’s hard to resist, and most women often fall in love with it upside down. Although you know it’s just not a good idea.

Well, ladies, you know what you’re getting into with this guy. There is not much to say but to avoid it from the beginning.

SIGN # 2: Your friends are in fashion …

Look, if there’s one thing a user can’t do, it’s fooling someone no In a relationship with. For the obvious reason that women are no under the spell of the user will be seen through his act.

Women over thirty-four Are you using it?  10 signals

Go to him …

And your friends will tell you that they smell like what you’re cooking. He will not be able to enchant them as he would you.

And that’s a warning sign, if it seems to be TRYING to please your friends so they like it a little too much.

Also, look at your own behavior: Are you justifying it too much? Defend it?

This is another clue that they have detected something in him you can’t see.

See how your friends respond when you talk about him. If they don’t seem genuinely and emotionally a your relationship, or at least happy for you, you have something worth looking at.

They are seeing something in their behavior that you’re not.

SIGN # 3: Don’t think you’re the only Sheila …

Look, it’s likely that if you’re a user or a gamer, you won’t be the only girl in your little black book.

Women over 33 Are you using it?  10 signals

Do you have many “girl” friends …?

At the lower end of the ladder, he could be an unfaithful guy. Men who can’t stay true to their wife are usually men who are unsafe and need sexual validation little bit.

At the high end of the ladder, it could be a serial user who’s out there cat-fishing all the women he can look for money on …

But again, this is a rare case and is only celebrated on reality TV and shocking news reports and click ads.

If you think you’re seeing other women when you’re supposed to be in an engaged relationship, you need to keep in mind that a a real big warning sign.

SIGN # 4: You have one of these, you know, Reputations …

If there’s one thing you might not want to believe, it’s what you hear from other people about it. Unfortunately, reputation is one of the easiest things to fall for. But they are more often just for the money.

Women over thirty Are you using it?  10 signals

He’s a bad guy …

Pay attention to what you hear, especially if you are emotionally defensive. The fact is that gossip can be ugly and hurtful, but it’s not usually bad.

Especially if you’re 40 or older and have a date. If this guy hasn’t had a long-term serious relationship or isn’t married right now, you have to ask yourself: why not …?

SIGN # 5: It is your duty …

Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better please this booty …

In other words, is using you as a friends with a benefit agreement.

I’m sure you know if you’re really into this deal. It’s usually pretty obvious when you see that he just wants to see you SEVA schedule … or only show up late at night when you know you might have some “action”.

Or he shows up at the party you invited him to, about 3 or 4 hours later. Just in time to take you home …

Yes. Loot call.

So it’s up to you to set boundaries with him and let him know you won’t tolerate it. After all, if you DO tolerate abuse, the problem is not really he.

SIGN # 6: Who will you call …?

One of the most obvious signs that this guy only has a convenient, low-investment relationship is when and fantasies without reason. Then pull on Sign # 5 (Loot call) in you again.

  • May be you raised the commitment …
  • May be you asked if I wanted to go with you on the weekend …
  • May be you raised the word “L” …
  • May be let him know you don’t want to sleep with him until after you have created a connection …

And he alone disappeared.

Happy Couples 11 Do You Use It?  10 signals

How do you come and go? Maybe you’re using …

This is the behavior of the players, even.

So I’d say you should call Ghostbusters like that. And exorcise that evil spirit of your life.

If you’re a ghost, you’re showing a real lack of character. Don’t worry, that’s it will update it later. You don’t have to prove anything by cursing him in his voicemail.

Just let time do its trick to teach you some lessons.

SIGN # 7: He doesn’t care about your feelings …

And what I mean is, he doesn’t seem to care how you feel. About anythingreally.

If you have a bad day, or you have a series of your own unfortunate events, and he can’t look up from the TV and check it out with you, showing real human compassion …

Let it go faster than the 1st period French class, love. This guy is one User.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Or is it not what you want in your life.

Simple and straightforward.

SIGN # 8: Hey, can you do me a favor …?

Yes, users and players are known to want favors from you. Sometimes these favors involve money, but often they only turn you into their engagement girl.

  • “Can you pick up my dry cleaners?”
  • “Hey, can you get me something from the store?”
  • “Would you bring me a sandwich …?”
  • “You could stop by and leave …”

His list of favors is as endless as his to-do list.

Happy Couples 9 Do You Use It?  10 signals

Is it a “me” monkey?

Of course, in a loving relationship where there is care between you, favors are no big deal. But if you register with yourself and feel that you are being taken advantage of, you’re probably right.

Want to see if it’s love or user? Just ask HE to do you a favor after you have done one for him. If you hear excuses or resistance, go out and don’t talk to him again.

There are other girls who will lower their self-esteem for him. But this is not YOU.

You will not let your self-esteem crumble and become a mat.

SIGN # 9: He’s selfish in the sack …

There are some cases of guys who just want FWB (Friends With Benefits) who are good lovers. But the reality is that if you only use it, it will be one wham-bam-thank-you-madam.

  • You will find yourself giving more than you will receive …
  • He will finish first, and will not take care of it YOUR business …
  • If you want to do something different in the bag, he will look for excuses and tell you “he doesn’t care about that …”.

I admit that in my wild and crazy days of youth, I was a bit of a bad guy. I was not there for a long time. And yet I still made sure she had hers when it came to the love of the wild monkey.

If you can’t afford to go to the bedroom, the relationship is doomed before it starts. It is not even worth trying to reform it, because it lacks the basic instinct of generosity.

SIGN # 10: He is completely unreliable …

This is shown in many different ways:

  • It’s up to you for the money to survive …
  • He never arrives on time …
  • He never keeps his promises …
  • He tells you that he will introduce you to his family, but it never happens …

A User’s word is worthless.

Happy Couples 10 Do You Use It?  10 signals

Maybe a user …

You may be tempted to keep giving him new opportunities to “make up for it” or “prove he’s changed …”, but it seems like he’ll never be able to do it. He will be very convincing in his attempts to make you believe.

But the endings will always leave you unhappy. Maybe even worse than before.

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

A lot of people I’ve coached think it’s best to assume your relationship is okay. But then they discover that they never set a healthy limit for what they really want.

If you want to avoid users and players out there, I have something to help you right now.

I found that most women just need to understand how men communicate and what signals it emits!

Read my special edition report right now:

“REVELATED: 7 revealing signs that show you if you’re in love …”



15 signals a guy is using

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