Are you too negative with guys?

Are you too negative with guys? Is it possible that your attitude is harming your chances with him?

Here are a few pop quiz for you: If your friend were rejected, would you agree if she said any of the following?

  • “Well, that’s numbers. No wonder guys can’t handle women with strong personalities.”
  • “Men can’t accept who I am, I guess. That sucks.”
  • “Maybe I’m not ready to go out until I lose a few extra pounds.”

If one of these sounds, your friend might need some. “mindset adjustment”.

You see, the common thing among the above statements is that they are SORRY.

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They were born of a defensive mechanism which begins when things go south. It is easier for some people to fix it guilt in things beyond one’s control than confronting music.

These statements deny the possibility that maybe, just maybe, your friend was rejected simply because she was not his type.

It sure stings, and it’s one uncomfortable truth to deal with.

People look for certain things in a potential partner; it’s easy to lose sight of it when there are a lot of excuses distort a woman’s worldview.

Thus, in effect, this negative attitude creates a cycle that feeds on itself.

The more one acquires these beliefs, the more more times she will succeed rejected.

But anyway, why is this happening?

Well, anyone who drags a lot of carssabotaging notions with her it will be practically annihilate any possibility of relationship. How could a woman be with a boy if she distrusted men in general?

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The more these bad experiences accumulate, the more they accumulate confirm the preconceived notions a woman may have about the dating scene.

At this point, the cycle becomes self-sufficient, trapping women in an endless loop of negative beliefs and rejection.

But you don’t have to be one of those women. The good news is that there is a way out of this riddle, and start by opening your eyes to a simple truth:

Things may not always go your way, but you can always choose what to do with them.

Keep in mind that if a man rejects you, you can choose to do something constructive instead of blaming the world for your dating misfortunes.

For starters, you might ignore all those negative prejudices about dating. Then you are free to work on your own attraction skills to attract more men into your life.

And doing that puts you in a position where you can take control of your success with men. That’s a much better way to go out as a couple, right?

Also, it’s no secret that men are attracted to someone who he is not powerless against the circumstances of his life.

So, yes really he did something a improve your general situation (rather than being passive about it), you are likely to have many more appointments.

If you’re tired of getting the same results over and over again, maybe it’s time to do a little soul searching and purge all those self-destructive excuses from your system.

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Ask yourself, “Am I leaving a lot of? assumptions get in the way of being month attractive to boys? “

If the answer is “Yes”, then you can improve your dating knowledge by getting started TODAY.

In fact, it is not only possible to prevent a man moving awayyou can also learn to break his resistance and make him fall in love with you.

All you have to do is master a few basic but incredibly powerful techniques to make yourself irresistible to boys, all without sweating. More information here.

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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