Advantages of a Love Marriage

Despite being more accepted in urban areas, love marriages are still uncommon in rural India. Lack of education and awareness in these areas is a major cause. However, things are changing rapidly. While arranged marriages are still common, love marriages are gaining popularity. This article looks at some of the advantages of a love marriage. Read on to learn more about the advantages of a love marriage in the city. The following information may be helpful in forming a decision about a love marriage.

In an arranged marriage, a person may not find a partner that is compatible with the individual. Many individuals lament about their poor choices of spouses. However, love marriages are a royal road to choose your partner. These marriages break the conventions of marriage and bring people of different social groups, castes, and communities together. As such, they are the perfect vehicle for social equality. In a love marriage, the relationship is free of social and cultural norms.

Despite being more popular among the youth, the orthodox view of marriage is proving to be challenging. For many people, marriage is seen as a social status symbol and an indicator of the family’s respect. Thus, love marriage partners may find themselves at odds with their families. An arranged marriage, on the other hand, is approved by family members and doesn’t break family bonds. Love marriages are not recommended for a number of reasons.

While a marriagelike arrangement has become widespread throughout human societies, romantic love is not the only driving force behind it. Rather, the family unit was likely organized around social and reproductive survival, which might have disfavored warm spousal affection. For example, ethnographic studies of tribal societies reveal that spouses were often considered “effective strangers” or antagonistic enemies. Unlike today, romantic love was rarely acknowledged as a factor in these marriages.

A love marriage lacks social insurance. Parents often object to a love marriage because of religion, caste, and physical appearance. They may refuse consent or separate from the couple. This can leave the boy or girl on their own. Love marriages aren’t as stable as arranged marriages, so they lack the social safety net that an arranged marriage provides. They also don’t have the social support of a traditional marriage. The arranged couple will usually be more dominant than the woman.

In addition to the reasons why love marriages fail, a breakdown of kindness is a major cause. The normal stresses of everyday life often rob couples of time for romance and intimacy. Petty grudges may tear a couple apart. As a result, couples’ satisfaction with their marriage drops dramatically. Fortunately, Love Marriage is already being made into a series by the BBC. And if it works, why not? After all, who knows, it might even inspire a new generation of young couples!

In addition, love is the ultimate expression of human emotion. The New Testament authors used specific terms to describe love, including “one flesh” and “one body”.

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