Advanced Bumble Filters Explained (Everything You Need to Know About Bumble Filters)

When you put Bumble and Tinder side by side, you start to see that there is very little that differentiates them from each other. In addition to Bumble’s advanced filters

This is, of course, with the exception that women must first send a message in order for there to be a conversation.

That said, there is one thing that really sets Bumble apart from Tinder, and that is its filters. With a free account, you can filter for two things, but with a paid account, you can filter as many as you want.

With a paid account you can also use advanced filters, which we’ll review in detail as well as how they work and whether or not it’s worth paying for.

What are Bumble Advanced Filters?

Bumble’s advanced filters are exactly what they sound like. They allow you to filter exactly what you are looking for on a really specific level.

The list of advanced filters is long, but there are some worth mentioning. You can filter only by verified profiles, height, whether or not they exercise, their level of education and even their astrological sign.

The list goes on, but that should give you an idea of ​​what they do. If you are looking for a cancer that is 5’5 ” and does not drink, then Bumble will help you find it.

That said, you can only use two of them for free. If you want more than that, you need to buy a Boost subscription.

How do Bumble filters work?

If you think that swiping your finger left and right through profiles like going through a deck of cards, basically the operation of these filters is to make sure that you only see the “cards” or profiles that you want to see.

For example, think of your perfect partner as a face card or a heart ace. You can use filters to get rid of all the numbered cards and suits that don’t suit you.

However, this has a drawback, and depending on how many people are in your area, there is a risk of leaking people with whom it would have been a lot of fun to chat or date.

Unlimited cost of Bumble filters

Unfortunately, Bumble’s advanced filters are not free. They are a premium feature that you can only access by purchasing Bumble Boosts or Premium. However, along with unlimited filters, you get a lot more with the upgrade.

First, get unlimited slips to the right. You also have access to Bumble Extend and Rematch features, as well as the ability to undo a left swipe.

Bumble premium for Bumble filters

In terms of price, a Boost is cheaper, but includes fewer features. Prices are 1 week for $ 7.99, 1 month for $ 14.99, 3 months for $ 29.99 and 6 months for $ 47.99

The premium price is more expensive, but you have the option of lifetime access for a one-time fee. Prices are 1 week for $ 17.99, 1 month for $ 32.99, 3 months for $ 66.99 and a lifetime plan for $ 199.99.

How to set up advanced filters in Bumble

Setting up advanced filters in Bumble is easy. Start by opening the app. In the upper right corner, there will be two circles with lines through them.

Tap it and at the bottom of the menu it will say “Set advanced filters” from there, you can choose between two if you use the app for free and unlimited if you pay for Bumble Boost.

How many filters can you use?

This depends on whether or not you are a Boost subscriber. If you are a free user, you can add up to two advanced filters. If you want more, you need to upgrade to Boost.

Even though you have unlimited filters at your disposal, using them all can ruin some gems that would have been great matches and then dates. It can also hurt Elo what we’ll talk about later.

Bumble Unlimited Filters?

Yes, if you pay for them, you have unlimited filters. However, despite having unlimited filters at your disposal, using them all is not a good idea. If you shrink too much with your filters, you end up filtering so many people that you risk losing some real jewelry.

That said, having the ability to filter at such a granular level is actually a very nice feature that not many other apps have, especially apps like Tinder that only have the most basic filters.

Is it worth buying Bumble Boost for unlimited filters?

The short answer is yes, it is worth buying Bumble Boost for unlimited filters, especially because it includes many other great benefits. However, this really depends on how important your filtering is.

For example, if you really want someone who wants children and is educated with similar political beliefs, then yes, it is worth it.

Why am I seeing people outside the filters I put on Bumble?

When you select an advanced filter, it is automatically set to not be a dealbreaker. This allows Bumble to be a little more flexible in showing you if they run out of people who meet your exact criteria.

If you want to change that, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is open the Bumble Advanced Filters menu, go to one of your filters, and click on it. You can then tap the “it’s a chord breaker” button to say “yes, it is.”

After that, Bumble won’t show you anyone outside of these filters. The only downside is that you’ll see as few matches as possible at the distance you’ve set. So if you want to slide the same number of singles as before, you’ll want to open the distance filter.

Too many filters can harm your Elo

This is another drawback of unlimited filters if you filter too many people, you will have too few people to interact with your profile. Yes, like Tinder, Bumble has an Elo score attached to your profile and too many filters can hurt your Elo.

That’s because it keeps a lot of people from agreeing with you. This is simply because you are looking for a very specific type of person. As a result, you will have far fewer matches and interactions.

This means that Bumble will not see you as a very active and desirable user, so they will put you further down the metaphorical stack of cards we talked about earlier.

However, this does not mean that you do not have to filter what you are looking for. This would invalidate the purpose of using the app and paying for a Boost subscription so that you have plenty of filters at your disposal.

Rather, just consider the filters you use and make sure that when you select the filter, you make sure that it is not a “dealbreaker”.

Bumble Advanced Filters: Conclusion

Having these advanced filters is a very nice feature at the end of the day, especially if you are looking for more than just a connection. However, as with everything, there is a downside, and in this case, it is the fact that you have to pay if you want more than two filters.

Also keep in mind that if you don’t live in or near a city, you’ll need to be careful about how many filters you use. And when adding filters, make sure the filters aren’t a dealbreaker.

If you live in a crowded area, then of course there will be more people, so advanced filters shouldn’t be a big issue when it comes to the number of people on the card stack.

One great thing about having filters is that you can use them for more matches. All you have to do is find out what kind of people you like and filter through those types of people. There is a very good chance that they will see you and match you because you are their type. To read more on the official Bumble page about Bumble filters and the advanced Bumble filter, click here. For more information on the Bumble algorithm, see our article here.

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