A woman simulates death to avoid a bad date

So a date with a guy goes wrong and you think it won’t work out for you. Worse, he seems to cling to stage 5 and can’t accept a “no” in response.

Do you want to: be anticipated and let him deal with the bad news, ob) tell him an outrageous lie that could make things worse?

Well, an English lady opted for the second option when she made her Mr. Clingy believe that yes bit the big one.

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The thing is, she didn’t start with that lie. He initially said in his persistent appointment that he had hired some mysterious diseasethinking that this would be the end.

But since that didn’t stop him (“What a room she’s in, I’ll come visit her now!”), She probably said to herself, “Shit,” and hit the panic button. The good news was that he finally he backed away after getting the final text.

Who knows if he realized it was a big load of BS all the time? Or maybe she fell in love and went into a deep depression.

I go for the latter because, according to the undead lady, it was really angry when they saw each other after it all exploded.

The other good news was that the meeting was online and her suitor had a few words chosen for her previous date.

She did admit it he had it comingso he probably learned to good lesson in honesty.

As for the persistent type, I will say that he also learned a valuable lesson: knowing when take a hint.

I think the best thing to do in a situation like this is to simply reject a guy the right way. Although this issue may be pending debate (especially if you’re dealing with a creepy or abusive guy), honesty it has always been the best policy for me.

In the long run, a man will do it respect yourself to give you the direct drug on why you just don’t like it. Sure, it’ll bite you for a while, but if you’re a quiet guy, it’s no it will be his death (see what I did there?).

Day, even could give it a push you need to work on yourself and improve your dating game.

But Yes he acts like an idiot about it, then that’s it your problem. Believe me, I’ve heard pretty horrible stories from my clients boys with right verbally abusing them (especially with online dating).

When it comes to these men, you can’t win in any way, so you can also tell them the truth. Don’t make things worse by getting caught in a web of lies along the way.

However, if you like a particular guy, you have to learn one important skill to keep it going. I have discovered that every man is his own Connection styleand his death easy (sorry, I couldn’t help but learn).

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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