75 sweet good morning messages for her

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Did he run through your dreams all night again? Let him know that it is in your mind by sending him one of these sweet good morning messages!

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Some are a little spicy and some are a little silly, but here are some ideas for notes and text messages for whatever mood you’re in. You are leaving your wife a sweet note at night before going out the door for an early morning. meeting? Or are you texting your girlfriend early in the morning to let her know you’re thinking of her? Either way, here are some nice posts that might be perfect to help you greet your day!

Whether you’re looking for sweet morning text messages for your girlfriend who lives in another city, or for your wife who is still sleeping upstairs, you’ll find lots of great ideas below in this list of good morning sweet messages for her!

Sweet good morning messages for her

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1. Good morning my dream girl! Literally, you were in my dreams last night.

2. Good morning, sun! You are always the light of my day.

3. Hugs and kisses and best wishes to you as you kill the day!

4. Greetings to the woman who wears “sleeping morning eyes” very, very well.

5. Every morning I wake up by your side is a very good morning, in fact.

6. I know you have a busy day today, I just wanted to send you some love!

7. You make me wake up with a big cheeky smile on my face every day. Thanks.

8. I just wanted to let you know that since we met, the mornings are great because it’s another day to hang out with you.

9. I get out of bed looking forward to the day because you’re there!

10. I woke up thinking about you this morning … I am no complaining.

11. I wasn’t a morning person before I met you, but now I am because the sooner I get up and move, the sooner I see you.

12. Do you know that I get excited to go to bed at night because I know I’ll dream of you, and then I’m excited to wake up every morning because I know I’ll see you again? I know, I’m wrong!

13. I woke up with a huge smile on my face this morning. That’s all you do!

14. Good morning, dear. How did you sleep?

15. I bet you’re tired this morning … of correcting my dreams all night! (I know, I couldn’t resist!)

16. The sunrise has been beautiful this morning, but it doesn’t suit you, girl.

17. Waiting for the right time to send you messages this morning has been crazy because all I want to do is talk to you again!

18. While I look forward to hearing your beautiful voice and seeing your lovely face again, this good morning text will have to serve! Good morning beautiful.

19. I know that distance is supposed to make my heart grow, but my heart is already very dear … good morning, I miss you!

20. Every morning is a great morning when I can tell you mine; good morning dear

21. Good morning to the most beautiful woman I know!

22. Good morning to the person who makes me smile bigger, laugh louder and feel more than anyone in this world!

23. Good morning, I hope your day is as wonderful as yours.

24. I don’t always wake up with a big smile on my face, but when I do, I think of you! Good morning, girl.

25. Good morning to my favorite person! Love, the person you have kindly endured with.

26. Good days are great mornings when I am with you. I love you!

27. I hope your day is full of sunshine and sparks, you deserve it!

28. The good days follow the big nights and last night was AMAZING!

29. Lots of love and hugs and kisses have headed you in today, I hope you have a great day!

30. Good morning is all I’ve had since you risked me, I hope you have a good day there too!

31. Good morning to the woman who has taken over my heart, I love you!

32. Mornings are always prettier when you are close; I miss you!

33. I know it’s busy for you today, I just want to say good morning to you and I’m thinking of you today.

34. I have never been a morning person, but knowing that I have to wake you up has made me; good morning my love!

35. Good morning! I hope you rested well because I have plans for us today!

36. Good morning to the woman who makes my heart sing.

37. Good morning to the woman who makes me want to be a better person every day, thank you.

38. Ever since I met you, every day seems full of promises. Good morning and thank you for that!

39. If I can spend the rest of my life with you, every morning will be a good morning.

40. I woke up thinking about you and how you drove me crazy in the best way … good morning, girl!

41. Good morning is great now that we are together!

42. Good morning dear, I will only be here counting the ways in which I am grateful for you and all that you do.

43. I knew I was in love when I woke up and the first thought I had of the day was you … good morning, I love you!

44. If everyone had someone like you to wish them a good day, this whole world would be a much brighter place!

45. Good days have been standard for me since I met you, you know?

46. ​​Thinking about you every night before bed makes it hard for me to sit down and sleep, but thinking about you in the morning makes me get out of bed … it seems like the perfect improvement for me.

47. Who needs coffee to get out of bed when he has a beautiful woman like you to say good morning to?

48. Good days are all I’ve had since you decided to take risks.

49. Good morning to the smartest, sweetest and prettiest woman I know!

50. Good morning from your big fan!

51. I have never seen a morning as good as those in which I wake up by your side.

52. Good morning to the person who makes every day a little brighter.

53. I know you have a busy day planned, I just want to wish you a good day and let you know that I am always cheering you on!

54. Good morning to him who consumes all my thoughts, awake and asleep!

55. Good morning to my girl-dreamed of life!

56. I know how lucky I am to wake up with you every morning.

57. If I had to choose between seeing your sweet face every morning and sleeping well, I would like to walk on zombie land every day.

58. Good morning, beautiful, how do you feel with so much sunlight that it makes the sun a little jealous?

59. Here you have the most beautiful person I know, inside and out, cheers and good morning!

60. I wake up jonesing for you, you’re like coffee but vaaaaay better!

61. Good morning has never felt so true until I started telling you.

62. I am grateful for every morning I wake you up in my life.

63. Good days have never been as good as they are after spending a night with you.

64. Good morning dear, I hope you have a day as beautiful as yours.

65. Good morning to the girl who holds my heart (please keep it up, I like it that way!)

66. Every morning is a good morning if it means I see you soon!

67. You make me lovely every morning, how can I return the favor?

68. Everyone wishes you a good day, but you deserve a FANTASTIC morning, so this is what I wish you!

69. Mornings are always prettier when you are there.

70. Good morning means more to me now that you’re there.

71. What is the story, the glory of the morning? I hope you had a great morning so far!

72. I woke up, looked out the window, and thought that today was a beautiful day. Then I thought of you and things got even better!

73. Good morning to the woman who somehow manages to look like a supermodel every morning, even after correcting my dreams every night!

74. The morning birds singing, the sun flowing, only you are missing. Good morning, I hope it starts well!

75. Good morning to the person who fills my days and nights with laughter and love.

Communication is important

Communicating how much you care is an important part of relationships. Whether or not your love language is words of affirmation, sending her sweet good morning messages every day is a beautiful way to stay connected and show her how you feel.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just getting to know each other, there are lots of sweet message ideas to choose from that will help you share what you have in your heart!

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