75 love text messages for her: sweet messages she will love

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We all know that in relationships, it’s important to tell your person how you really feel. Whether you’re looking for good morning texting, flirting texting for your wife, sweet texting for a girlfriend, we’ve got you covered in love texting for her!

There are many great ways to show how you feel, but communication is always key, right? So let her know that she is in your head with these love text messages for her!

Love text messages for your wife

man sitting on sofa texting

1. No matter how many years we have spent together, I am still amazed that you have chosen me.

2. You are mine forever.

3. Today I am just a grateful husband, thinking of my fantastic wife and wondering how the hell I have been so lucky in this life.

4. I wonder if you realize how lucky you make me feel every day just to be yours?

5. You are the only thing in my life that I know I can always count on; thanks!

6. Spend my days trying to show how much I love you is basically the work of my life and I DON’T complain!

7. I just had to stop what I’m doing to tell you that somehow you’re getting prettier with each passing year.

8. For my birthday this year, I don’t want anything. You literally gave me everything a man could want.

9. Being your husband is an honor, just information.

10. No matter how busy our days are, you are still in my thoughts every day.

11. You are still my everything.

12. You’re the main reason the future always looks so bright, you know?

13. Our past, our present, our future, I’m here for all this, girl.

14. Building a life with you is a dream come true and I am very proud to be your husband.

15. Can I get you out later? I love being able to show off my beautiful wife from time to time.

Funny text messages for her

Woman smiling on the phone while reading love texts to her

16. The only time I really question your judgment is when I try to figure out why the hell did an angel like you settle for me?

17. Every day I do my best to make you happy so you don’t look at me and ask yourself “What the hell was he thinking about this guy?” Does it work so far?

18. You are the complete package, you just have to call me UPS because I am here to take you wherever you want.

19. Did you always know that one day you would be king? You know, why are you the queen of my world?

20. Am I just a guy trying to figure out what the hell a girl like you is doing to a kid like me?

21. You’re so cool that I feel like I need some wool socks for your birthday.

22. I think you can be my kryptonite … a look of yours and I’m weak on my knees and I can’t think clearly! Who needs strong knees and clear thinking anyway?

23. You’re so sweet you’ll make a hole in me but I don’t care … it’s worth it.

Good morning texts for her

woman smiling while reading text messages with cup of coffee

24. Every morning I literally get out of bed now because I know that the sooner I move, the sooner I see you.

25. Good morning beautiful, are you tired of running through my dreams all night?

26. I know it’s a little early, but let’s be honest – you don’t need any more beauty sleep, you’re just doing it incredibly unfair to all the other women in the world!

27. I hope you had a good night’s sleep, I definitely did because I could dream of you.

28. This morning I woke up regretting my phone because it’s basically the closest I can get to you right now … I’ll pick it up!

29. I wake up with a smile on my face because we are together … here I hope I can put a smile on your face too.

30. I dream of you every night and I still wake up looking forward to your presence … I feel bad here!

31. Good morning to the woman who drives me crazy (in the best way!) All day and all night.

32. Good morning to the prettiest woman I know.

33. Good morning girl, here I hope you have a day full of smiles and sunshine!

34. My mornings became much brighter when you came into my life.

35. I know you’re worried about today, I just want you to know that you have it and I’m proud of you!

36. Good morning! The mornings are actually really well now that you are in my life.

Flirty texts for her

woman in cafe smiling on her phone while reading text messages

37. I’m planning a date night for us … divided between wanting to get out and show yourself to the world and wanting to stay for me … any thoughts?

38. Okay, okay, okay … I know you can handle yourself out there, but as irresistible as you are, are you out there punching the boys left and right? How exhausting it must be!

39. I think about you all day and all I can say is … keep it up, I love it!

40. I’m here counting the minutes until I see you again.

41. To the woman who makes me smile like a cheese ball all day, hello!

42. Simply sliding into your direct messages in the same way you are sliding into my thoughts all day long.

43. So your superpower is charm, beauty, wit, intelligence or all that? Because I think it’s all of the above and it doesn’t seem fair to me that a woman can be so powerful in this world!

44. Today is a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as you.

45. I’m just a guy hoping to make his girlfriend smile a little … did it work?

Spicy texts for her

woman lying in bed and reading text messages while smiling

46. ​​How am I supposed to do any work when thoughts in you keep me deliciously distracted all day ???

47. I’m still thinking about you last night. I’m not complaining, by the way.

48. I can still smell your perfume on my pillow. I LOVE IT.

49. There’s something about the way the curler curls your lip when you give me “that look” that just makes me wild … I can’t get it out of my head!

50. What we did last night has completely wiped out any chance of it being productive today. I’d like to do it again tonight, what do you think?

51. You’re like a song I can’t get out of my head, but it’s more like a feeling in my body that doesn’t stop.

52. I keep thinking about you and all the naughty things we hope to do later tonight.

53. You really turned up the heat last night … I mean, maybe I need some aloe around here today!

54. Remember our first time? Yes me too…!

55. Your voice and your intelligence and your face and your body are a lethal combination and I’m almost dead after last night … do you want to do it again?

56. I remember your taste and let’s just say it’s not helping me stay on the right track at work today.

57. Just seeing your name appear on my screen lights up my body.

58. I can’t get it out of my mind last night and it’s not helping productivity here, I can tell you.

59. Did you know that you could set someone’s mind on fire with just a text message? Because you just did it.

60. I’m getting ready for our date tonight and just the thought of being with you makes it hard to stay focused here, lol.

61. I want you today, tell me I can see you tonight?

62. You’re like a movie that always loops in my thoughts and it’s NOT PG.

Sweet text messages for your girlfriend

Woman smiling on the phone as she reads text messages to her

63. Somehow, the more I learn from you, the more I like it. Is there no upper limit for this thing?

64. You’re really the prettiest person I’ve ever met, I’ve been laughing the other day!

65. Since you came into my life, every day seems to improve a little; thanks!

66. You’re so funny, I keep laughing to myself thinking about what you told me the other day.

67. Someone asked me if I had a girlfriend the other day, and I think I was actually blushing trying to tell them about you … what kind of voodoo magic are you doing with me there? Don’t stop.

68. Learning more about you only makes me feel more in you, thank you for sharing so much of you with me.

69. I think you are absolutely beautiful and I feel crazy lucky to tell you my girlfriend.

70. Of course, not everything is a matter of appearance, but OMG YOU ARE SO GOOD THAT I GO CRAZY.

71. You’re the prettiest girl ever and I just wanted you to know.

72. I keep thinking about you at work and it makes me smile that super cheeky smile, people start wondering what the hell is wrong with me, I think!

73. I want to get you out later because I still don’t think you’re my girlfriend, we need some evidence of that.

74. My favorite part of you being my girlfriend is EVERYTHING.

75. Someone asked me if you were my girlfriend the other day and it basically made me all day able to say yes!

There are so many ways to build a strong relationship and maintain a great connection with your favorite person, but occasionally sending them loving text messages is a sure way to remind them that even when you’re apart, you still have your heart!

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