7 What to do and what not to do with men and dating

I’d like to share some things to do and not do with men and dating that will help you find a relationship.

But first, this morning, I got up and took care of a wet carpet vacuum that I just bought. Stay with me, it may not seem like anything to do with dating, but yes, somehow.

I cleaned some very nasty things off the carpet that we should have cleaned before.

But when we finished, it was a spectacle to behold … 6 years of dirty material removed to make the living room (especially) look like new.

empty 7 What to do and do with men and dating

What kind of dating is that? You spend years trying to find a guy who doesn’t need to be clean and presentable.

The dirty water I emptied into the sink made me think that women need to empty their lives of nasty guys who don’t belong in it.

Then I remembered that those guys are probably there because she didn’t know better how to have a smart date from the beginning.

So I will explain some dating skills that make you a rare and valuable product in the singles market.

Starting with these

7 things to do and not to do …

# 1. DATES DO: Arrive on time

Punctuality is a supreme sign of respect, especially in our day no one it seems to be on time.

punctual 7 things to do with men and dating

Be there when you say you will, even if you think he will forgive you.

Because being there on time will differentiate you from the group at the beginning of the game.

And you’ll have an advantage over those other women who think it’s another way to be “hard to get.”

# 2: DO NOT APPOINT: Don’t let the frequency get away from you …

It’s very easy to slip into a “relationship” pattern with a guy without realizing it. This is where you go from seeing you once a week to two or three times a week …

And before you know it, spend most of your night at someone else’s house.

boring 7 things to do with men and dating

Now, this may sound a little “unromantic,” as most relationship advice is almost always, but it’s important to remember:

Most relationships are not caused by intent, but by a wrong attraction.

Which means they fell into a relationship simply because there weren’t many reasons for NO at first.

It was convenient and the emotions felt good.

But very few people take a break and really evaluate if the person you are dating is meeting your requirements. Chances are they’ll still be dating someone if they don’t do too badly.

Date from a smart posture position.

smart 7 things to do with men and dating

Be the woman who knows what she wants, and don’t settle for less.

# 3. DATING DO: Check your dates

Again, when you’re in full physical attraction, also known as “lust,” it’s easy to lose track of the important parts of rationally evaluating your partner.

You can become “blind for love” in a matter of days with someone you have good chemistry with. And that leads you to miss or ignoring warning signs that the relationship is not the best for you.

One of the skills I teach is called “Date Review”.

qualification 7 What to do and do with men and dating

What you want to do after each appointment you have with him is sit down and reflect on how the appointment went.

  • What was good?
  • What was weird or left you with a weird vibe?
  • What questions do you have about him?

Then take a look at your list of partner criteria and compare it to it.

Do you think it fits your needs better? Or maybe less?

This may seem like it’s stealing the “magic” of romance, but in fact what you’re doing is helping you keep your head straight.

If you keep your goal in mind, you will less likely to make a bad decision, or to settle for someone who is wrong with you.

And not only will you be thankful that you did it if the relationship doesn’t work out, but you’ll also have a lifetime of romance to wait for when you choose the right man.

# 4: DATING NO: Don’t brag

I know it sounds like something I should tell guys, but it’s actually a big deal with a lot of the women I’ve dated in the past, especially if they had kids.

boast of 7 things and things to do with men and dating

Boasting about your children can often be a disconnection for a boy. Especially because he just wants to meet you first, and then can be sold to your children.

If you like it and enjoy it, kids are likely to get along well with it.

# 5: MAKE APPOINTMENTS: Highlight your strengths and positive qualities …

NOT your weaknesses!

Boys often complain that women, who are used to minimizing their skills and abilities for other women, often self-incriminate too much in dating.

They fell down, trying to look humble. But that really makes you look like a woman with little self-confidence.

It has been said a thousand times: Men are attracted to safe women.

(NO fucking women!)

entrusted 7 things to do and do with men and dating

We like women who can hold their own, but also embrace them femininity

In addition to choosing to let men provide them and take care of them on some level.

# 6. DATING DO: be authentic and transparent …

Guys are very sensitive to fake women. We have a sixth sense for this, and we can know when a woman is acting to put us on our side.

Phrases like:

“I don’t like drama …”


“I’m more like one of the guys …”

… we’re sure we’ll activate our BS detector, because we know you’re lying.

BS detector 7 What to do and not to do with men and dating

Be genuine, be who you really are, and you don’t have to remember what you said later, paraphrasing Mark Twain.

Guys need sincerity and authenticity from you so that they know they can trust you and form a real bond with you.

Most women don’t realize how much a man’s choice is for his partner. Let me explain the impact of the woman he chooses …

If a man chooses a healthy and complementary woman with him:

  • – You will be more successful
  • – She will be healthier
  • – He will be happier
  • – You will have more sex
  • – He will live longer

However, if you choose incorrectly:

  • – You will not be sexually satisfied
  • – You will not be so successful or generally make so much money
  • – You will be more prone to depression and anger
  • – Your health will suffer
  • – He will die younger

The latter sounds pretty serious, and it is.

A man knows intuitively that he must avoid women who can destroy the quality of his life. That’s why so many men are so careful about committing to the wrong woman.

happy with his 7 Dos and Donts with men and dating

So if you want to pass your tests, be sure to prove that you are “real.” Genuine, and without all the pretense he knows indicates a woman he can’t trust.

You know you’re just trying to get his approval, but he doesn’t see how that. So avoid this falsehood from the beginning.

# 7: Dating is awkward, but DON’T stop dating just for that …

Yes, I understand. Dating is an awkward and weird social practice if you look at it from a distance.

  • – Two people get together to prove their physical attraction to each other …
  • – If they like the first meeting, they rub their lips …
  • – See if attraction and feelings can grow …
  • – They begin to believe that the other person will lift them up …

This will make them better off than they were alone.

But often the process is strangely clouded, right?

awkward 7 things to do with men and dating

Strange guys, weird girls, weird dates, all weird.

It’s easy to let a few silly, awkward, ignorant guys ruin your party …

But you can’t!

You have to get a little tough, a little calloused and just a soldier.

“Carlos! This is so unromantic! I don’t like it … you tell me unhappy messages that make me want to go to my safe healing space …”

Look, I’m not here to pamper you, as some of the other “gurus” of dating do.

I will give you the clear truth, with a slightly warm and diffuse hunter.

If you do not take a step forward and take an active role in the search for your soul mate, you will have to suffer ONLY KNOWING THE BOYS THAT APPROACH YOU.

And some of them, to be honest, are stupid.

Don’t let the myth of “destiny” get in the way of having a real impact on your life as a couple.

Get out and get what you deserve from the man you deserve to have …

Shadow pair 7 What to do and not to do with men and dating

And if you want to know more about creating a real connection with a man, I’ve developed a program called Connection Code that contains my advanced strategies for attracting men and winning the dating game.

Sometimes it seems like rocket science gets into a boy’s head and he finds out what he’s thinking, but he doesn’t.

Please check if you are interested in making them WANT to commit to you and your relationship – click here.

UPDATED ON 10/10/2021

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