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If you’re afraid to ask your partner about finances, listen to this podcast. Amy Scott makes it easy to have difficult conversations about money.

Amy Scott is a certified financial trainer who teaches couples how to get on the same page about money, and why they are so important. He is passionate about helping couples live their lives with less conflict and more space to focus on what really matters to them. Amy has spent the last seven years teaching couples how to use their unique budgeting system, which gives them confidence, peace of mind and allows them to pursue dreams that had not been fulfilled before.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why it is important for every couple to talk about money
  • The 6 main questions to ask about finance
  • The hidden benefits of talking about finances and money
  • How to be more curious and compassionate with your date or partner when talking about money

EP 489: Amy Scott: 6 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Finance

What sparked your interest in personal finance and budgets?

My training is in public health. It wasn’t until my husband and I had some financial challenges that I became interested in finance. I had two close children and they gave me six weeks off work. I was stressed to go back to work. He said he could take me more free time, because we were doing well enough to stay home. When we researched our finances, we realized that we did not have enough to not work. I wondered what we could do differently to make it possible. What we noticed was that the gap was much smaller than we thought. As soon as we had that clarity about our finances, the game began. It brought us together around the same goal. We started making more money and realized that I liked the budget piece. Friends asked me what we were doing and I started helping others.

Why is finances one of the main causes of marital / relationship stress?

We enter into relationships with different beliefs, expectations, and experiences around money. One person may have a credit card with points and the other always uses cash. This can cause stress in the relationship. One may like spreadsheets and the other may not want to talk about money. This can lead to conflicts. If they share the finances, one person usually manages the bills and the other may not be part of the bills, but he still spends money. They have to go to the same page.

What are the six questions you can ask your partner about finances to understand how he or she thinks?

  1. What messages have you heard about money growth?
  2. What does it mean to have money for you? (security? freedom?)
  3. What does it mean to be “good at money”? (emergency funds, going on vacation? Getting out of debt?)
  4. Is there anything you wish we could do or have, but don’t raise it, because you’re afraid we don’t have the money (and you’re afraid of my reaction if you raise it)?
  5. What is your main concern when it comes to money?
  6. If you received fifty thousand dollars unexpectedly, what would you do with it?

Do you have any resources that couples can use to have clarity and harmony around their finances?

Here are three steps you can take to increase your budget. It includes practical steps to follow in terms of budget and money. You can find it on my website here.

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