6 guys you shouldn’t date

Dating, as you know, is a mix. But there are definitely guys you shouldn’t date. These are guys to avoid.

Of course, men come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you will have some occasional mistake.

You’ve probably come out with enough guys to know it first hand. But if you have more bad experiences than good ones, maybe it’s time to take one step back and look at the big picture.

big picture 6 guys you shouldn't date, part 1

Do you notice certain patterns from your past dates? Maybe you should consider dating the same kind of guys who, frankly, aren’t ready to have a relationship.

As a kid, I’m naturally inclined to tell you that we’re not all bad. However, this does not mean that you should not be a little cautious and avoid problems when you can.

That being said, here are the top 6 types of guys you should avoid …

Don’t go out with this number 1 guy: Shady Steve

Does talking to him feel like a court proceeding? If it is giving you “safe”, indirect answers that don’t really answer an otherwise harmless question, this could be a red flag.

Being evasive also means that you are not entirely sure what is going on in your personal life.

Don’t confuse this with a typical guy who chooses to be a little quiet at first. In general, men do not like to give everything away because we are afraid that it can get scared too soon.

However, it is a different story if you have already passed the point of being friends and still hesitate to share the other parts of yourself with you.

6 secret guys you shouldn't date in part 1

Here’s a tip: To find out if he’s the dodgy guy, try to come up with something he did recently, such as a trip out of town. Or you might just casually ask him about his professional life, such as his current or previous job.

Watch out if he reacts defensively or refuses to take any specific details. If you act in this way with a neutral question, imagine what it will be like to be in a serious conversation with you.

It hurts me to repeat the importance of honesty, really. It’s mainly because I’ve had to remind many women of this basic fact: I guess it points to denial.

I understand that. It’s easy to fall in love with someone even if they are part of you sap that lies in your face.

Just remember this: If you’re starting to see a pattern of “white lies,” this could make you hide bigger things later. Lying about something that could affect your relationship should be a big no-no for you.

Also, would you really like to connect with someone who can’t even trust you enough to give you the drug directly?

Keep your radar active for an unjustified secret from Shady Steve …

Avoid Guy # 2: Corporate Carl (aka The Workaholic)

Any man who is worth your time knows that he needs to be motivated and committed to his life in order for you to take him seriously.

In other words, we don’t want women to think we are losers.

But even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

No matter how attractive your boyfriend may be, you may want to think twice if he is practically married to his job.

You will notice that he has this nervous and frantic energy. If you’re not connected to your phone and check your email or text messages, you can’t stop talking about work.

busy busy 6 guys you shouldn't date with part 1

He may not realize it, but a guy like this isn’t available to have a relationship.

By then, you may be 100% aware of it and are just looking for an informal, no-obligation arrangement.

Either way, this is NOT what you want.

You don’t want to get involved with someone who derives their identity (or self-esteem) from what they do for a living. I’m doing a little philosophical here, but we are no our jobs or payroll.

Therefore, consider if you do not have this sense of work-life balance because of your intense devotion to your work. You probably don’t have much room for a relationship, much less quality time to spend with you.

There is a warning but …

In defense of Mr. Workaholic, there is a possibility that you are not trapped in an unhealthy obsession with your job. Try to learn as much as you can about it full extent of their situation.

Who knows, maybe he’s just paying off a massive student loan or trying to keep his family’s home from being repossessed. If you are struggling to make the other parts of your life work in spite of this, do not dismiss it without hesitation.

another story 6 guys you shouldn't date, part 1

You may just be laying the groundwork for a bigger profit below, so keep that in mind.

Corporate Carl won’t give you the attention you want, so it’s important to know in advance that it’s not just him playing “hard to get”.

Pass this guy number 3. Triggered Tim (Mr. Fatal Attraction)

When it comes to relationships, emotional stability is non-negotiable for me.

However, I’m not talking about any complaints, because we all have them.

What needs to be looked at is when it comes to disproportionately. He regularly flies off the handle above something petty?

Turn off 6 guys you shouldn't be dating in Part 1

If you’re not sure, here are some signs to keep in mind:

  • – He approaches the barista to get his coffee dirty.
  • – Treats minor ailments as a personal attack on him (and loses his temper). Especially when a guy abuses a waiter for something like that.
  • – Get angry when other men notice you.

I’ve had to talk to a lot of women about bad relationships where their partner can’t stand the idea of ​​them interacting with the opposite sex. Don’t take it lightly when you become super possessive after hearing about a friend or co-worker.

The worst thing about this behavior is that it exhausts the other aspects of the relationship. Keep reading …

  • – If you have excessive jealousy, don’t be surprised if you want to know your whereabouts at any time of the day. You’ll know by the rain of texts, emails, and voicemails.

This kind of guy is usually a control monster because he wants to “seal the deal” before anyone else gets over it. So he will do his best to make sure he knows where you are at all times and WHO you are with.

register 6 guys with whom you shouldn't go out in part 1

The best way to get rid of this guy is by trying a little silence on the radio. See what he does after minimizing communication with him even for a couple of days.

If it starts flooding you with its “WHERE RU ???” messages, you know what to do …

Triggered Tim is easily an aspirant to a bully, not the type to make you feel loved.

Stay tuned for next week, as I reveal to you the other three guys you shouldn’t be dating (plus a small bonus for you at the end …).

Of course it takes a bit of practice to spot these warning signs, it’s helpful to know them as soon as NOW.

But here’s a thought: what if you could read a guy upside down, not just the red flags? Then you can quickly figure out how it really feels for you and make the right move.

It’s a great position, and I have a new program to help you understand a man’s hidden signals. Once you’ve figured out where he is with you, you can take the next step and make it your own, for good.

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indicates that your husband is ready for a serious engagement relationship 6 guys with whom you should not go out with part 1

UPDATED: 10/5/2021

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