50 lines of Christmas collection and flirty texts

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It’s time for all the Christmas collection lines and fun and flirty texts you can imagine! Get ready for some very fun Christmas message and text ideas (hehe) that are sure to have their bells for you and just for you …

Some are classic Christmas word games, others are a little spicy and some are very sweet. When it comes to Christmas phrases and flirty texts, is there too much?

It’s time to store this stuffing and make your move: ho, ho, ho, and awaaaaaaay let’s go!

Fun and festive Christmas collection lines

People dancing at the Christmas party

1. Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listening? Oh wait, it’s just that my heart beats a little faster because I’m so close to you.

2. It should be a Ninny Muggins with a cotton head at least to prove to get your number before you leave here.

3. Do you know the best way to spread the joy of Christmas? You are giving me your number.

4. If I had a bell, I would ring it just to see if your wings would suddenly sprout.

5. Baby, it’s cold outside … do you want to go somewhere and snuggle up?

6. Giving me your number would be such a perfect gift, this year I wouldn’t ask Santa for anything!

7. Please don’t be a Scrooge, I’m just a boy / girl hoping to share some Christmas magic with a lovely boy / girl.

8. In exchange for your number, I will give you this Candy Cane in perfect condition!

9. I’m making a list and reviewing it twice, but all that’s missing is your number.

10. I swear I’ve seen your name somewhere before … Oh, that’s right, you’re in Naughty i Good list!

11. Do you know what you remind me of? A candy cane: beautiful curves and super sweet!

12. I think you’re pretty, here’s my number … the snowball is on your track.

13. I bet you have all the boys and girls out there asking you to swing with them around the Christmas tree!

14. Baby, it’s cold outside, but I still really wish we could relax together sometime.

15. If I put you on my Christmas list, do you think Santa would deliver?

16. I would like to get into the Spirit of the Season by sliding your DM …

17. What are your chances of hanging your case in my house this year?

18. You look like the kind of boy / girl who makes a person happy to land on the naughty list.

19. What is a gift like you making so far from the Christmas Tree?

20. It’s season to spend time together, don’t you think?

21. It won’t be the most wonderful time of the year for me unless we spend some time together.

22. You could be here alone to make the spirit shine just by giving your number, you know?

Festive and flirtatious Christmas texts

Woman texting in front of Christmas tree and smiling

23. Hey, today I’ve been thinking about you … I can’t wait to have you swinging at my Christmas tree later ?

24. I have a list and check it out twice … hoping you feel naughty i beautiful!

25. Are You La La La La-aller for me as I am for you right now?

26. If Santa asks me if you’ve been good this year, I won’t tell you the details of how much, much, a lot well you have been.

27. Santa isn’t really the one I want to go down my chimney later … spoiler alert, it’s you.

28. It has been a very quiet night here so far … do you want to come and change it?

29. All I want for Christmas is you and those lips so gifted you have!

30. You should go home and see where I hung the mistletoe …

31. I hope you are on your way because I am ready to ring your bells!

32. Should I be naughty or friendly tonight? Why don’t you decide for me?

33. Like the snow that falls outside, I am sure I fall in love with you.

34. I’m thinking we could both go on the naughty list this year, right?

35. What if you walk through this Winter Wonderland to my house so we can settle in together?

36. From head to mistletoe, you are my favorite person.

37. Come, I am ready to adorn your corridors!

38. I’m Holly, Jolly, and you know what out there; come home now!

39. Baby, it’s cold outside, but I can think of something we can do to keep us warm together!

40. I would like to play all the way with you if you know what I mean.

41. Does Jack Frost sting your nose again? Come here so you can kiss him and make him better.

42. Come so I can share some Christmas spice with you!

43. It’s not Merry and Bright until you get there, you know?

44. You’re the only one on my Christmas list this year, but there’s no way I’m waiting for you until Christmas morning!

45. Sleds may be ringing around here, but you always have my full attention.

46. ​​Maybe Santa will come to town, but you are the only person on this planet for whom I will open my door tonight!

47. Why don’t you come and have a Merry Christmas with me?

48. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night … except for you, you will have to come to be able to say good night in person.

49. You make every day feel like Christmas just by being mine.

50. I’m too old to sit on Santa’s lap, can I sit on yours?

Whether you are planning the perfect Christmas date to keep in touch with your favorite person or you are looking for that perfect person, you will definitely get a laugh, a smile and hopefully some other fantastic answers from these fun and flirty Christmas . grab lines!

We all know the power of a well-written text; Sprinkle some Christmas spice on it and you’ll have something very, very nice!

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