5 tricks to drive him crazy and make him fall in love

It seems like all the stuff you read these days in magazines and online about dating and relationships seems to focus too much on sex?

It seems like all the gurus and experts out there want you to “put them to bed” with these “17 hot and wild tips …”

I’m not going with you today …

Instead, we’ll look at ways to make a man wild with desire, all without having to do anything that makes you feel weird, like having to “talk dirty” with him.

Disgusted 5 tricks to drive him crazy and fall in love

(There’s a place to be sexually provocative, but it’s not something you have to do to get a man to be attracted to and interested in you. In fact, if you do it wrong – or at the wrong time – you’ll risk scaring a man. off.)

If you want him to sit down and pay attention to you, get up and pay attention these 5 tips Will be make him love you and obsess over you …

DRIVE HIM WILD WITH LOVE – Tip 1: Be a Spin Doctor

Let me illustrate this with a quick story:

Anna was going to a movie with her boyfriend, Derek, and was having trouble finding the theater. He thought they would probably be late for the show.

Now, what would many women do in this situation?

She would probably make fun of him, or even scold him for “making them late.” She would take the opportunity to “knock him down a handful” and put him in his place. An opportunity for her to give some compensation for her male ego.

evil laugh 5 tricks to drive you crazy and fall in love

What Anna did will surprise you …

He saw her frustration and just slapped Derek’s hand.

She said, “It’s okay, love. It’s just a pleasure to go out with you.”

Wow …!

There is an incredible difference here that should be noted …

Most women would be upset about the inconvenience, because they would not receive their “prize”: the movie they were taking them to. She would see the situation as another inconvenience for HER.

Instead of relaxing, relaxed. And enjoying the sheer joy of being with him. That it is the most rewarding thing in the world for a man to know that he is looking for it.

Most men feel as if women see them as the gears of their life machine instead of a warm-blooded human who has a deep need for connection.

Going back to Anna and Derek …

After telling her this, Derek softened and relaxed. He looked at Anna with a loving look that he felt to the core. It was a soft and emotional moment that only deepened their relationship.

A moment that would not have happened if it had not taken a second to think about what was most important at the time: HIS inconvenience or his need for unconditional love.

GET THE LOVE YOU WANT – Tip 2: Echo your language

Men give you clues every day about how they want to be treated and loved. Just open your eyes to see it.

Dr. John Gottman talks about the different “languages ​​of love” we use to communicate love to our partners. The theory holds that we all have a specific way in which we were educated to experience love, and we are “programmed” to look for signals in this way.

Very often, our partner is not aware of this style of communication, or that our style is DIFFERENT from yours!

5 different tricks to drive you crazy and make you fall in love

Some people need words of love … others need actions. And some need gifts …

The best way to use your language to make him fall even more in love is to do it echo their language. When he shows you affection or love, look at how he shows you love.

He will probably show you love HOW HE WANTS TO SEE HIM.

Most men do it automatically, assuming you will feel love the way they do. The truth is that most women do exactly the same thing! You probably tend to show love to her the way you would like to receive it yourself.

So echo his love by showing him the way he shows it to you, and you will see his connection and affection grow instantly.

BE THE CENTER OF YOUR WORLD – Tip 3: Show your back

Like inside, your backOS.

Men are notoriously attracted to the United Nations by women who are too desirable. On the one hand, being too quiet makes you feel very safe from the UN.

Remember: trust for women is different than trust for men.

For a man to look confident, he must seem capable of doing so FENT. Trust yourself if you think he can protect you, fix things, and take care of you.

For a woman, she seems confident when she KNOWS HER VALUE. This is what a man wants to see in her. No insecurity.

Keep in mind that knowing your worth doesn’t mean you’re a jerk or a whore. (Although guys who haven’t experienced the healthy version of so-called “assertive” female confidence can fall in love with them).

Many women are wrong to be assertive to be “whore“The two are COMPLETELY different.

Being assertive makes you feel uncomfortable for most women. Looks like you’re being nasty and controversial.

And most women would rather be wrong about being too quiet than risking being perceived as “difficult.” And as a result, many of them walk around like carpets.

You feel uncomfortable saying what you want and being direct. Most women are educated and educated (usually by other women) to “go accompanied to get along.”

There is a tacit social law within female groups that keeps peer pressure strong and visible. This keeps all the girls “online”.

But the reality is that you have to break this convention with men, or the relationship will inevitably continue pattern:

– He is attracted to your soft and feminine qualities

– Then hurry up for some demonstration of your independence (which is simply your no-need)

– Then it tests you to see if you’re willing to do it to be assertive (giving you options, etc.)

– Then it starts to lose its appeal when you shrink and give in too fast.

A clear example of this is when he asks you, “What do you want to do on Friday?” and answer, “Whatever you want,” or “I don’t care, your choice …” (By the way, I HATE guys when women do).

frustrated guy 5 tricks to drive him crazy and fall in love

Some men will start to take advantage of you when they feel that you are too soft and “nice”. And then he’ll start making his “booty call” to you, or he’ll kick you out.

If you’ve ever sacrificed yourself for him, in the hope that he would see you as “good you are” to him, you’ve probably felt the pain of this situation.

Or maybe you’re feeling it right now …

Get This Shameless Boy In Love – Tip 4: Need It – No Need!

This is a tricky balance, but it can be done.

You see, most men experience women who resist their attempts to help her. He is told not to “try to fix things” when a woman tells him about his problems.

She’s just relieving herself, he told her. Just listen and let her talk!

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation PURE TORTURE for most guys. It’s as if you heard him talk about the time when he and his ex-girlfriend had that date where he …

Ha! You see! I bet you started getting angry by the time I mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

A boy wants you to do it NEED him to help solve problems.

BUT – We don’t want you to need us to solve them ALL your problems.

At some point there is a healthy balance where you challenge him, but you show him that you can live your life without him.

independent woman 5 tricks to drive him crazy eagerly and fall in love

Yes, I know not to want a, but the thing is, he has to feel you I could. This is critical, because a man doesn’t care if you lean on him. It is when you jump on his shoulders and make him carry you on his back during his life that he realizes why men die earlier than women on average.

Men are curious and attracted to women who have their own life. (You have things to do with your friends.)

Enjoy your own hobbies. Spend time with your friends. (Yes, and your friends.)

Get out and enjoy your life!

When a man sees that you are fully committed to your own interests, he will be more interested in you. And honestly, if you don’t have your own hobbies and interests, there will only be two parts of your life: the time you are with a man and the time you get bored of your skull wishing to have it. a man.

And while I hope not, this time without a man could be a big part of your life. So don’t waste your life wishing for something else.

And finally we have …

SHOT HIM WITH CUPID’S ARROW – Tip 5: Inject adrenaline!

I’m not saying you have to jump off a mountain and fly with it …

But you have to get a man to feel the energy shake that he can only feel in a relationship. This is something that for all men they live. And it is one of the most important signs that we have found a woman with whom we can open our hearts and fall in love.

One of the most powerful “love drugs” that drives a man to fall in love with you is adrenaline. It’s the same powerful dose of “KAPOW!” which can literally put a person’s heart back on.

(If you’ve ever seen “Pulp Fiction” and the scene where Uma Thurman gets this adrenaline rush, you know how powerful this stuff is).

adrenaline pumping 5 tricks to drive you crazy and fall in love

It’s the same “high” a man is looking for throughout his life, especially when he does sports or does some “extreme” activity, such as snowboarding or skydiving.

If you don’t feel that “arrow” in your heart, it will never feel a deep emotional connection with you, no matter what you do.

On the other hand, if you know how to hit a man with that adrenaline rushhe will literally be your loving slave.

It is unstoppable.

Once you awaken those right feelings in him, he will practically have it there is no choice but to commit to you. And he will never feel compelled to do so: he will be happy to make you happy.

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