5 steps to find your soul mate

Do you think there is someone for you?

A soul mate?

You believe in yourself TRUTH Love?

I know so. And I’m no longer a dreamy, starry-eyed kid. I’ve been through ups and downs.

Yes I do he still believes.

As Steve Martin said in the movie “LA Story,” I think there is someone for everyone – even if you need an ice ax, a compass and night glasses to find them.

steve 5 steps to find your soul mate

If you still think there is someone for you, and I hope you do, I want to help you find it. I will give you my tried and true 5 step method to find it the man of your dreams.

These steps work and work every time.

The only real question is Yes you will follow them, or if you sit down and wait for that destiny drop it on your lap. Because life is not like a romantic comedy.

You need it to go out and go get it. It doesn’t have your address or phone number, and it certainly doesn’t he does not read the mind to choose from the crowd and find yourself on your own.

So we continue with the plan …


This step is beautiful very importantbut I have only met a handful of people who have discovered this step on their own.

You must to know what are you looking for BEFORE you’re going to look for it.

looking for 5 steps to find your soul mate

Let me give you an example:

My friend Ashley went out to look for a new car a few weeks ago. He went to a Subaru dealership and left with a new Impreza. Sporty, red … wow!

Except a few days later he realized it was totally over NO what she wanted. She alone he was trapped with the spirit of the moment and they bought something that SOLD it.

It’s a big car, just no what he really wanted or needed.

This was because she did not enter with one firm idea of what she wanted. She just thought, Hmm, I need one new car.

The same thing will happen to you if you have a date without having a good idea of ​​the guy you want to meet … or get married.

You will get what they give you, and you may even find yourself settling down for someone who is not at all what you want.

used car dealer2 5 steps to find your soul mate

(Yes, many divorces happen because of this.)

Okay, take out a sheet of paper … wait, sorry, open a Word or text document. (Who uses PAPER month?)

It takes ten minutes write the basics of what you want in a man. Start with the physical aspects, if that matters to you. Then drill into yours personality.

What abilities should have?

What hobbies?

What kind of character will have?

What is yours parenting style?

Even if you only spend FIVE bad minutes on this exercise, you will light years ahead of most of the women you know.

Race Winner 5 Steps to Find Your Twin Soul

Most women have relationships in which they fell, because the chemistry was right, not the MAN.

Don’t let this happen to you. CHOOSE what you want in life, and then make it your own goal.

And don’t worry, you can it always changes your list later if you find that you did not do something. It is not in stone.

But don’t ignore this step just because you don’t want to accidentally “delete” someone. You can’t get what you want if you give up everything you don’t want occupy your mind and your attention.

Perfect your approach.

No one has ever hit the moon with one torchbut a laser you can put a little red dot almost anywhere …


Now that you have one insinuating of the man you want, you have to do it program this desire to your subconscious.

Napoleon Hill, author of the great book Think And Grow Rich, discovered the immense power from subconscious mind when he went to look for the secrets of success among the achieved of the early twentieth century.

He found that those who programmed his subconscious mind with what they wanted and then periodically reviewed it were almost 100% probable to get what they want.

This is true for NO ONE which uses this principle.

Just grab this list of qualities and check it out once a day – or demons, once a WEEK. Read it again and take some time to think about this guy.

Imagine it in your life …

Imagine yourself in his arms … feeling that satisfaction of having found and captured the man of your dreams.

Do this feeling well to you when you imagine it?

Just wait until it is REALLY real. This is the feeling that lasts a lifetime …!


Although you know it what kind of boy you want in your life, how do you know he will love you?

That is the question spell most women.

I’m here to tell you more any man you can win, but few women know it how to do it. But you have to be sure that you did done everything you can prepare for him to come into your life.

You have to do it Encourage your own life! Do it exciting and fun to be a part of it.

What are you doing to become the kind of woman men find? attractive?

Let me tell you something shocking here, something that other dating consultants don’t like to talk about: men aren’t interested in dating a woman who doesn’t add anything to their life.

yes man 5 steps to find your soul mate

You see all men enter the world of dating looking sex. Yes, it is true, we to start with that focus, even if it is not the best way to find a soul mate.

BUT, and this is CRITICAL, no man really stops just wanting sex. His desire is what motivates him to chase you and win you over.

You have to do it harness this energybecause it is the same energy that has sent armies into war, erected buildings, and changed the world.

And he led the women down the hall get married.

And here’s another secret: He it doesn’t I really have to put you to bed to go out with you.

In fact, the before give in to him and sleep with him, the faster your persecution energy will be disappear. (If he disappears because you saidWe hope‘then, to begin with, he never liked it! FYI)

So back to my point …

You have to become the woman of confidence and balance that men are attracted a. The woman he finds IRRESISTIBLE. (I have a video on how to do it here if you want to see it: https://2.datingadviceguru.com/vpages/irresistible3.html)


What are you doing right now?

Is you live your life It’s you waiting for something to happen

Are you doing what you want with your life?

Or are you waiting for that “guy” to do it? complete yourself?

(News: You are now complete. He really is one great accessories.)

Do not put your happiness waiting for the boy you dream of. Left experience joy of being alive properly NOW. Because that’s all you really have.

happy woman 5 steps to find your soul mate

Be who you are will beand do the things you do iron dream.

Let the boy come whenever he wants, but don’t interrupt your life. Life is too short.

jo to wish I could tell you that the man of your dreams – Mr. Right – is on his way to you right now. I know it’s out there somewhere, but I can’t tell you when or where.

Until you meet him, though, you need him Live your life how could you you will never find it. Because, ironically, it’s the women who are busy living their lives this the men enter.

Guys they are not looking for the woman who pins and waits.

Her eye will always catch the girl there … dancing alone … and PER Herself.


I don’t know what you are doing to know your soul mate right now.

Maybe you’re going out blind dates and arrangements …

Maybe you’re doing it Internet dating

Maybe you’re doing it quick appointments or events for singles …

Maybe you’re going out with friends and alone having a blast

But what happens when the WE ARE CORRECT come into your life …?

You have to know how to make him want you. You he can not take the opportunity that some another woman it will catch his eye, and his heart.

Enchanting a man is the spell every woman should know how to throw. This love spell is the most similar Magic of love that there is.

Love Wizard 5 steps to find your soul mate

When you enter a man, when he is under YOUR spell. Right where you want it.

He will get on his knees for you, and he will literally do it love your presence. Not like a jerk from a bad movie, but like one real man who knows the desire of his heart.

He will give you whatever you want because nothing makes him happier than doing it make you happy.

He will be for you, open and vulnerable, because he trusts you

I wish you how Caesar and Mark Antony fought for Cleopatra’s attention …

Don’t wait to learn this skill when it’s in your sights. Then it could be too late. You need to be prepared for when …

When the time is right, you need to know the secrets irresistibility to make sure it never leaves you out. Here is a short video I made which shows you how to do it step by step.

Once you know the simple process of turning this casual acquaintance into a lifelong partner, you will have no chance against your charms. Go see my presentation NOW – CLICK HERE …

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