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Sending a first message to someone can be awkward, which makes it tempting to sit back and wait for people to contact you. However, being proactive really works in your favor, as people love to be approached first. The important thing is to make sure your message is interesting: “Hello”, “Hello” or “Hello” doesn’t cut it when you try to get someone’s attention. Here are six starting lines that will help you get that first important appointment.

“What’s the worst starting line you’ve ever received?”

Acknowledging an awkward moment makes it much easier to deal with. It removes embarrassment and allows both of you to have fun with the process. Asking a question is a great way to chat, so do it whenever you can.

“How would you describe yourself in three words?”

Another question that will be relatively easy to answer. In addition to opening a conversation, this question gives you a quick idea of ​​how they are. Are they shy, confident or super arrogant?

‘Which three TV characters best describe you?’

In addition to finding out something about your personality, this question gives you an insight into their cultural touchstones, which will help you find out if you like the same things. And if you’ve never heard of any of the characters, they’ll introduce you to some new TV shows.

‘Do you like raisins? How about a date?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Opening up with a joke is always a winner, and hopefully they themselves respond with an equally bad one. Humor is a great foundation for a relationship, so keep things clear from the start.

“What do you think of a great first date?”

This opener helps you get an appointment right from the start, as it’s easy to go from talking about your ideal first date to asking them to attend. It will also help you find out if you are doing well, because if they say they would like to go to the opera and prefer to go to Go Ape, you will know that you may not be compatible.

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