5 signs you like after the first date and you can expect more

Looking for first date signs you like? Here are five things to keep in mind if you are looking forward to seeing it again.

how do i know if i like it after 1 date?How to know if a first date went well

Finally, you have a date with a man you like! Even better, you have a clear feeling that you like it too. But how can you know for sure? What signs do you like after the first date?

There are many people who offer dating advice on this topic. I’ve seen a lot of things that, in the opinion of this expert, can’t stand it.

The most common things are the ones that can fool you. And that might be what you had in mind for your appointment to get you in the bag quickly.

Don’t be fooled by sweet talk

There are some telltale signs that you like a man. However, there are others that sound good, but don’t mean much.

For example, if he says he hasn’t known a woman like you in a long time, that’s a good compliment. But, it could have absolutely no meaning beyond flattery and his effort to warm you up so that you like and trust him.

Also, don’t be fooled if your date says “I’ll call you” at the end of the night. Many men feel compelled to say this because they know no other way to end the date.

As confusing as it may be, don’t underestimate this promise to call, as it’s often a sign that you will NOT call.

Another comment that gives you a false sense of security because you think it is one of the signs that you like a man, is that if he speaks he suggests plans for the future. Naturally, you think this is good.

However, while fantasizing about the future is fun for a romantic man at heart, again it doesn’t mean much. The proof is in what makes this future a reality. Men who take care of all the things you could do together one day, rarely do.

Seduction vs. genuine interest


Some men who are experts in the art of seduction will share a wealth of personal information, in the hope that you will feel safe with it as a result. He wants you to trust him and feel special that he has shared so much with you.

Women often tell me how a date revealed intimate details about their life and they thought that was a good sign.

Why would a man do this if he didn’t feel really comfortable?

It’s an old trick and it also works great. A man will lure you with his story to gain sympathy and wait for you to lower your guard. Then he can go in, so he can put you to bed that night.

Many women throw caution to the wind with a man like this as they take their feet away. Don’t be fooled by this method of seduction.

What to look for in a man?

what do i want in a romantic coupleWell, this question is really a blog entry in itself! Read this post that will help you think about how to find a man with features that you like and that are potentially compatible at the same time.

Think about what you want and think it will make you a compatible partner. Be sure to think long-term about your values ​​and what you see in your future. You want to have a life and a similar relationship agenda if your romance has the potential to last.

What do men think after sleeping with them?

Much depends on the man and his reason for sleeping with you. If you like it, she may be thinking about seeing you again and definitely having sex with you again. Maybe let your future plans run through your mind and be excited to meet you.

If you’re just a one night stand guy, you might want to think about how you can get out of dating or hope you don’t want to have a relationship, or expect this to turn into something serious.

What do men think after sleeping with them? Some worry about performance and wonder if you’ve faked your orgasm, or how it was valued compared to other men you’ve slept with. He might as well be kicking his back for being such a great lover.

Sometimes men think nothing of you or the future. He may have a job on his mind and be performing what he needs to do tomorrow. They may be hungry, tired, or want to shower. Or just fall asleep without thinking much about it.

Read this post to find out three ways to decide when it’s okay to sleep together?

Signs that he regrets sleeping with you

signs he regrets sleeping with meA man might regret sleeping with you if he only thought it was a good idea because he was drunk. Or if you feel that things will be uncomfortable when you see yourself below. This is especially true if you have to see you the next day at work and question your choice when you wake up.

Another regret is if it was just sex for him, but he realizes that you are really into him. This can make you walk away because you don’t want to feel like the bad guy.

There are many reasons to regret it, but this is how it might look after the event. He

  • She shuts up and looks uncomfortable
  • Suggest that you sleep better if you return home
  • He puts on his clothes right away and leaves
  • He is suddenly angry or suddenly unpleasant
  • He says he has an early day at work and takes off quickly
  • He states that he is not feeling well and returns to his place
  • Do not call or send text messages the next day or the next day
  • It is slow to respond or does not respond when contacted

Okay, now let’s move on to what you really want to know: Do you like it?

The first date indicates that you like it

man with sunglassesSo what are some things to look for when you see him again? These are the five that I trust as positive indicators that he wants more from you.

1. Call the next day to tell him you had a good time

If your date picks up the phone to tell you he or she is having a good time, this is a strong sign that you will see him or her again.

Sending text messages is easy and lazy. I could text you and then 10 more women. But he is not likely to call 10 women. Not at all.

So if he calls you and talks to you the day after your first date, you may have a girlfriend hooked.

2. Strong eye contact

If your date looks you in the eye for much of your time together, you may be showing serious interest.

Constant eye contact shows your comfort with you and the desire to know more.

Sometimes this can get around the eye, so don’t be too surprised, but it’s not bad at all. (Unless you’re looking at body parts, not your eyes.)

And if you notice that your pupils are dilated, it may be a biological response that points to deep attraction (or it’s too dark in the room, haha!)

3. He leans toward you

signs you like after a first dateWhen a man is really interested in what you have to say, he leans over to make sure he can hear you.

This is a typical body language that has been demonstrated through tons of social research and you can count on it.

When a person is fully involved in the conversation, he wants to get closer. Bingo: Another sign you like after the first date.

4. He laughs a lot

If you are really building a relationship, it will make you laugh easily and smile a lot. This may seem obvious, but it will surprise you.

Sometimes your date will smile for a while, but look in the space, around the room, or at the table if you’re not so comfortable.

When you are involved in a conversation and things are going well, there will be a good dose of laughter and a smile on your face most of the time. Take this as one of the important signs you like.

5. Request another date

Yes, one of the sure signs that you like after the first date is that you are requesting a second date while she is still with you!

I could tell he wants to see you again or my personal favorite – he comes out and asks you when you’re free.

My husband asked me at the end of our first date if he could see me again when he took me to my car. Of course, I said, “Yes!” He gave me a quick kiss and started walking towards his car through the parking lot.

Then, to my surprise and joy, he turned and asked, “Well, when are you available?” It still makes my heart beat.

This is the strongest sign you like after the first date. Nothing like knowing you have a second date lined up to feel like you’re on your way to meeting a man.

What if you like it but don’t want a relationship?

Text after the first date

Many men will send text messages after the first date whether or not they think of seeing you again. Texts that are more positive may include:

  • I had a great time with you
  • Last night was a lot of fun
  • You made me laugh (or some other compliment)
  • Let’s do it again soon: are you free on Friday?

Keep in mind that your text messages don’t necessarily mean anything. What matters is that he asks you again. This is one of the best signs you like!

How do I know if I like it?

Above all, figuring out how you like a man takes TIME. This is not a text message burst that could fade as quickly as it started. You want to see what their behavior is like over a period of weeks. And what does he do to win you over? He does:

  • Call at least every week
  • Do you take weekly or longer appointments?
  • Send a text message several times a week, do you have a real conversation?
  • Trying to figure out your preferences so you can enjoy them?
  • Will you be slowly introducing yourself to your friends and family?

If you’ve ever wondered about the man you see and what signs I like, these are the things that let you know that he might take you seriously.

Your next move

man with hatNow that you know the first date you like, what should you do next? Absolutely nothing! It’s right.

Leave the ball on your court and follow your example. Let me call you and make an appointment.

Don’t be tempted by your good relationship to sign up, contact, text about your day, or call.

Let him do all that is the only way to know if his interest is growing or has dissipated.

When you let a man lead during the initial dating phase, you don’t risk piling him up, pushing him beyond his comfort zone, invading his privacy, rushing him, and most importantly, turning him off.

Read this post for more information on letting the man lead.

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