5 signs other women are seeing

So the other day I received an email that had turned me around … let me share your letter with you and then we’ll look at the juicier parts, okay?

QUESTION FOR CARLOS: Are you seeing other women?

Carlos, I’ve been dating this guy for about 4 months now, and I’ve been wondering about him lately.

I got home from my yoga class a few nights ago and he was on the computer, but he came out really fast.

Then, when I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was watching YouTube videos …

Tips Tips Signs That Man Is Seeing Other Women Dating and Relationships Questions and Answers: 5 Signs That Other Women Are Seeing

Is it him? Or isn’t he …?

A few weeks earlier, I noticed that I was much more on my cell phone lately.

He’s still nice to me, and we’re still romantic (in the bedroom), but things are slowed down.

And he doesn’t talk so much …

So I’m worried he might see other women.

What do you think? Could it be cheating on me?



Maggie, I can see how confused you can be, and probably a lot fearful Right Now.

The prospect of having your boyfriend possibly moving away from their relationship is one that is needed weigh a lot about you. Especially when you look at the tracks that are being left behind.

Signs of relationship tips that are cheating on you Questions and answers about dating and relationships: 5 signs that other women are seeing

Fear is a great motivator …

The real confusing and heartbreaking part is when he says he sees no one else, but suspects the opposite may be true. You move back and forth, beginning to doubt your own perception.

After all, you don’t want to believe that I could leave you for another woman.

Before I say yes or no, I want to show you some of them signs that other women are seeing. And we’ll see how they match what you see in your relationship …

Sign # 1 You are viewing other women: He puts a secret agent on you …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either MONTH secret and contempt for their activities, this is a good indicator that they are not becoming MONTH in love with you.

The natural progress of a loving and deep relationship is that we become month trust in our partner. We negotiate the challenges and we do month confident of the connection between us.

You’ll see what happens each good relationship.


And it is that most of us experience the opposite in our relationships.

  • Proximity becomes distance …
  • Confidence becomes suspicious …
  • Communication becomes silent …
The relationship advice is that my husband cheats on me.  Questions and answers about dating and relationships: 5 signs that other women are seeing

Is it leaking?

So when you see him start acting naughty, he doesn’t tell you the whole story or he’s not even open enough to share it …

You should know that there are SOMETHING passing. Maybe it’s not always infidelity, either.

In fact, if all you care about is YES someone else is watching, you’re missing out.

What should weigh you down most is that the little things that have brought you this far have not been managed when they should have been.

Sign # 2 that keeps your options open: You are not changing your social media to include …

This one is pretty annoying because you almost want to believe it when it tells you BECAUSE has not changed status.

  • “I didn’t go near it …”
  • “It’s not that important …”
  • “I forgot …”
  • “What’s the big deal?”

The latter is really dangerous because he is almost trying to push you. That you are crazy to ask yourself.

Is you?

I do not think so.

signs that your man is cheating on you Questions and answers about dating and relationships: 5 signs that other women are seeing

Do you spend too much time with guys?

If a man is EN a relationship with you, your life will reflect that.

If your heart is open i available, will take you to all areas of your life. And that means he wants to convey that to the world you are yours.

If you’re not doing this, it means you’re not the only one, either it is not yet entirely certain.

Either way, you must return to ACTION.

I’ll talk more about that in a minute …

Sign number 3 dating other women: He just likes fun …

Guys who don’t care deepening the relationship will work very hard DE-emphasize the feelings and intimacy that a relationship entails.

This last sentence is very important, so I will put it another way:

If you don’t to want a relationship will not treat what you have as a relationship.

How To Tell Her Boyfriend Is Cheating, Tips, Dating Tips And Relationships - 5 Signs Other Women Are Seeing

Do you ever talk seriously about your relationship …?

So it will probably draw some lines around where it will go and not go with what you have together.

Very often this appears with him saying something like: “Hey, we’re still having fun …”


“Let’s keep this fun …”

When you come across this as his deviation, you know that he is not interested in depth and connection. He not more he wants fun.

Sometimes he will say this when you are too focused on the relationship too soon on the relationship. So make sure you don’t accidentally miss that “fun” feeling in your relationship.

Sign no. 4 that is not faithful to you: He has suddenly become attuned to his digital social life …

When a guy starts texting, making reservations, twittering, instagraming and generally going crazy on his social media, there is a good chance that he will fill a hole inside himself.

(No, I won’t make an obvious joke about him filling a hole OUT to himself… oh wait! I just did! )

Cheating Signs What to Look for Dating and Relationships Q&A: 5 Signs Other Women Are Seeing

How much time do you spend focusing on your phone or computer?

With all the puns aside, you’ll need to figure out whether to send many more text messages or do many more covert things on your phone. He is probably committed to a social level that feeds a need within him. And there is a good chance that another woman will be at the other end.

Oh, and if your phone lock code has changed a few times lately, chances are you’re trying to hide something.

Sign number 5 that other women are seeing: Not your priority …

Most of the women I’ve trained or talked to understand this almost intuitively …

A man makes the woman he loves his priority.

And if you’re not a priority, you are not his love.

Can you please make it your priority?

Can you force him to make you his priority?

Can you trick him into making it his priority?

The short answer is NO.

BUT, as I said before, the key here is put into action.

ACTION can make it your priority …

Don’t just think that you can cry to get back into a relationship with him. You may want to have a satisfying relationship with him, but that doesn’t mean you should just do it PASS.

Most of the time, I advise women in this situation to dump her and work with her own feelings of self-worth, self-love, and strength.

But since it’s not something most women can take a pill to fix, this almost never happens.

Still here is another solution – and it is almost as good as a magic pill.

Signs that are fooling me Questions and answers about dating and relationships: 5 signs that other women are seeing

Quick or long-lasting repair tools?

There is no magic pill to fix your relationship …?

No there are not.

But what I have for you is the best you can possibly use it to save your relationship.

If he hasn’t broken up with you, that means yes hope.

I even if it has broken with youthere are still some hope. Especially because very few women understand this gap in the male mind.

And they tend to do it with him, too!

That means he will be single again soon – and he’ll want to come back with you – Yes feels right.

If you want to know how to make it yours – to really get the type of relationship that guarantees that it will not deviate …

You need to know how to do it Always your …

Discover your heart’s secret password …

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