5 reasons why men move away or move away

Have you ever wondered why men move away or move away from you?

There is a pattern that almost all women have experienced in their relationships. It goes a bit like this:

  • The boy meets a girl
  • The girl likes the boy
  • The boy pulls out the girl
  • The girl breaks up
  • The boy and the girl have intimate and emotional feelings
  • Something Come on, this is where everything changes …
  • The boy walks away, walks away
  • The girl tries to love him more, but he disappears …
disappears 5 reasons why men move away or move away

Fears and insecurities can cause heartache …

And then you wonder …

  • Why do feelings always change?
  • You have met the mal couple?
  • Did you say or do something wrong that drove him away?
  • Did you sleep with him too fast?
  • Are all men phobic of commitment?

Why does it start so wonderful, and then it goes away and goes away?

Well, I want to explain some of the reasons why men walk away, and the stages they go through.

And then, most importantly, I want you to know how to do it stop this to pass.

No more guys making you “ghosts” like that. Don’t be afraid of him disappearing over you.

leaving 5 reasons why men move away or grow away

What makes you feel like a man walking away …

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why men walk away and get cold with you.

Let’s do this countdown style, starting at number 5:

Why he walks away – Reason no. 5: At first he felt pressured into the relationship

Note that I said “FEEL” pressed on the relationship. Maybe you didn’t really push him.

Men are much more aware than most women do not do it take sex lightly. (Actually, men don’t either, but we’ll get there in a minute.)

The pressure you feel comes from the “change” that occurs when you sleep with each other. And yes, you can monster a boy outside and wraps up his happiness. This is a natural defense mechanism.

We men don’t get along well with strangers, and we often don’t know how to do it to talk about that with you.

zip it 5 reasons why men walk away or walk away

And as a result, they are more likely to disappear than to try to overcome their lack of communication.

Why he retires – Reason no. 4: He was afraid of his own vulnerability

You may be thinking, “AHA! I knew I was a phobic of commitment! That’s why the boys are moving away!”

But that is it no really what I’m saying here.

I’m saying he might have moved away from you because after having intimacy with him, he thought you’d expect a big engagement from him.

He thought he was going to get VERY serious, and you probably just wanted to get at least a little more serious. You know, become one couple.

So I thought 100% more seriously when you thought 15% more. And I would have totally agreed with that.

But since boys are so attached to their sense of freedom and liberty, he saw this expectation as if it were by and I wanted to take a step back.

When I say “Freedom and liberty” – I does not mean he wants to be free to go out and sleep with all the women he knows.

party people 5 reasons why men walk away or walk away

Many women think this is the case, but it is not true. In fact, because of a man’s biological programming, he’s more likely to want it. “close yourself“than you might think.

After all, in terms of “cave man,” he’d like to get you out of the market so he can feel confident about his chances of procreation.

Sheesh. These scientific terms make love sound a little weird, right?

Why Men Go Away – Reason No. 3: You are stressed.

Yes, that happens a lot for boys.

I had a friend and mentor of mine who once said to me, “You know a guy can have one, maybe two things that are BIG in his life that he has to handle. But if he gets to THREE, he will fight. That’s the its limit “.

And he is right. I myself have had these experiences.

The boys are very single focused on their lives and their direction. When a boy is on his way to a career, it is very difficult to get into that focus. (Something I discuss at length in my programs)

unique approach 5 reasons why men move away or move away

So when faced with some challenges, you will most likely be disconnected. Not because he WANTS, but because he has to master the challenges he faces right now.

He must fight these challenges and make them beg for mercy before he can clear his head to think of the You / He / We combination.

Boys are linear thinkers and SENSORS. If you feel stressed, you should do so first uproot. It takes a lot of effort.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

YOU know you can support and improve it. But he has to manage things on his own and erase his “stuff.” That could mean going back to your hobbies or reconnecting with your happiness.

Getting away isn’t the way most women would be, which always seems so baffling when he do that. But trust that when you have managed your problems, you will return.

Why move away from your love – Reason no. 2: It’s sticky.

Look, I’m the guy to tell you what it’s like. The reality is that many women have some strength after sex. Some women assume that there is a relationship now and she takes control.

This is usually due to a lot of complicated emotions:

  • She is vulnerable – she doesn’t want to feel like a whore, so she starts trying to get this “somewhere.” Sometimes, even when it should be a fun connection.
  • Its insecurities are beginning to increase …
  • She panics – because maybe she would have become intimate too quickly, and now she needs to step back on something more committed of what it should be right now.
  • She is angry – to herself to compromise her self-esteem to gain her approval and affection. Some women cut boys first for this reason.

Guys never want to feel like you want him in your life just because he makes you feel better. This is really selfish in the grand scheme of things, after all.

He wants you to love him for the effort he puts in, no your fragile self-esteem. (As I’m sure you’d like me to wish you well.)

It’s easy to fall into the sticky trap and need.

Even the boys do it! I was one of them. I used to hook up a little too fast with a woman when I really liked her.

attached are 5 reasons why men move away or move away

This would scare him and send him running away from me at a deformation speed.

The boys are fleeing because their freedom and independence are being threatened. And it will use distance to gain perspective on your relationship.

So yeah, I have to repeat the reason you hate to hear: Watch out for the Need-Clingy Monster in your life.

If this behavior appears too much, it needs to be addressed and managed, before your withdrawal response destroys intimacy.

Why men flee – Reason no. 1: You just need to regroup and upload.

The shocking truth about many times a guy walks away is that he doesn’t walk away from YOU. I know it feels like that, but it really is him walking away from the edge of the cliff.

The cliff is the place where a man sometimes feels pushed. When he is on the edge, he will feel that he has lost touch with his masculinity.

And when you face that limit, you can’t think of a relationship first. He can think of nothing but gaining more distance and perspective.

This is another of those crucial differences between the thinking of men and women that will confuse you.

You see, a woman would come over and look for comfort and connection to put her on the ground.

A man will not.

And it doesn’t make sense to you, because for a guy that’s how he feels more able to strengthen himself.

cliffs edge 5 reasons why men move away or move away

“Macho Bullsh * t!” the girl in the back calls me as I write this.

No, you already have nothing to do with “macho” at all. THIS IS HOW THE PROBLEM PROCESSES.

It has nothing to do with posture, not even ego. It’s just the “man’s way.”

And if you wait, be there for him without pushing your feelings of “Oh my God, I’m losing you!” on it (which stresses it even more – see number 3 above) will keep it from moving away.

With this approach, 95 times out of 100 will get you back. This voice in your head will remind you of you.

Specifically, about how patient you were. How you have respected your process and your space.

And he will come back with you month interest and desire than before.

Now, the best part of this situation is that you can take advantage of this time take care of yourself.

Think about it – is it healthy to move and think? Or do you prefer to do things that make you happy OUTSIDE your relationship?

Of course, your husband is an important part of your life, but the biggest mistake is to treat him as the only one and the end of life. He I wouldn’t want to this kind of responsibility more than you would.

So keep living your life while he is worried about moving away from that annoying cliff.

Don’t drop the ball – keep up to date with your work, family, friends, and other things that were happening BEFORE you met him.

Life balance 5 reasons why men move away or move away

When he realizes that you will be perfectly fine without him, he will remember what drew him to you.

And even though you’re absolutely crazy about this guy, you need to make him reevaluate how important you are to him. The beauty of this is that you are no playing some hard-to-get artificial mind game.

Anyway, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. (It just so happens that you’re as attractive as hell to him in the process)

So keep calm and keep the line. A calm and collected attitude will help you win the long game.

By the way, I have another super effective way to do this keep it connected with you no matter what happens in your own world. You see, most women don’t realize that guys connect with their partner in a very specific way.

There are FIVE ways to be exact, and if you know these connection styles, you’ll ALWAYS be in sync with each other.

You’ve learned that guys walk away for certain reasons, but this special presentation will also show you the BIGGEST reason men leave a relationship.

Don’t worry, though, I’ll also talk about how to deal with this phenomenon and PREVENT it from falling into place of another woman arms.

Much has to do with your husband’s specific connection style, or rather, with understanding that part of him.

If you want to know more, click here and watch this video now.

UPDATED ON 10/6/2021

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