5 reasons why it will compromise you

What men want: Want to know why she’ll commit to you instead of another woman?

Think about it…

How much easier would your relationship be if you could make him in love and devoted to you?

How much nicer it would be if you could do it to get your heart really committed to your relationship?

Instead of one foot in and one foot out …

  • He always seems to be waiting for a “better” opportunity …
  • Without ever seeing what you have to offer …
  • Without ever seeing that you are the right woman for him …

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make him open your heart?

how to get men to do what men want: 5 reasons why you will commit

Be the key to open your heart …

I’m talking about “speaking his language” of secret needs and desires that he keeps inside – and hiding from you.

I will help you by exposing what you want. What all men want from the heart ….

Let’s go the five reasons why a man will commit to you or your relationship …

Learn them – Get to know them.

What Men Want – Get Your Heart Committed – # 1: A Solid Foundation …

No, “solid foundation” is not a smart way to say “round hips.”

(Although, in the end, you can stop worrying about the size of yours. Men don’t care as most women think.)

He wants you to have it REAL CHARACTER. You have to be a mature woman to grow up.

(You’ll be surprised to find out how many aspiring women we end up dating when we’re looking The real business.)

Character is not really emphasized in women these days. In fact, I don’t know if he ever did. Probably because most guys make their “buying decision” based on appearances. About Looks.

But then they rush to make a “change” if they find out you have one of these traits:

  • Whore / Better – No, ladies, men do NOT like dogs …
  • Gold digger – if you look at his wallet more than he does, it smells …
  • Dishonest – Speak for yourself.
  • Selfish / Right – If it’s you, they’ll ask if they will always be a priority for you …
  • Superficial – If you don’t have depth, he WILL get bored…
  • Manipulative -Men ODI is playing …

I’m sure we could go on and on about that.

Ways to Get Men Engaged What Men Want: 5 Reasons Why They Will Engage You

Have a solid foundation.

The thing is, you have to be a good person if you want a man to invest in you for the rest of your life together. He wants to come in you what you want in him.

Character is NOTHING about your appearance.

It all has to do with the Hard stuff of being a good person.

Men want a woman who invests as much time and energy in her makeup, hair and clothes as in her quality of thinking and being in the world.

Skip your makeup and hair and come spend time with him with sweat and a T-shirt. If you can’t be with him at this level, your long-term relationship will not have a solid foundation.

What Men Want – Make It Commit – # 2: RESPECT

Look, you know who might have sung about this, but I didn’t really understand how incredibly this is important MEN.

We live in a world that pays very small with respect to men. Not very impressive. Modern media is in the middle of a food frenzy. Many men misbehave, yes.

But here’s the point: just like many women.

Women are much smarter at keeping their misbehavior off the radar.

Most men are bo men …

Most women are bo women.

But that makes social media boring and boring news. So every day he puts on a foolish and disgusting face.

Respect it’s really the number 1 man wants. I cast it here at number 2 because gold and diamonds should always be discovered, never thrown away by chance.

Respect him, and yourself.

Reasons Men Will Engage You What Men Want: 5 Reasons Why Men Will Engage You

Your mother didn’t raise a fool!

Talk only about him with the utmost consideration. If you can’t do it, you’ve probably made a very bad choice in a man. So don’t make it their problem that you still choose to stay in this dead end relationship.

Go out and find a man you can support and support.


By the way, do yourself a favor this week – do a social media audit.

  • Are you proud of everything you post on the Internet …?
  • Do you present yourself online as you would in person …?
  • Do your words represent the highest and noblest part of you …?

Remember – The Internet is where everything you say is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you on Google and find.

And it will probably be there long after leaving.

What Men Want: Getting a Man to Give You Your Heart – # 3: Lots of Love …

Look, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you guys like a lot of physical affection … Both of them sexual i not sexual.

The mistake many women make is to think so purely sexual for him.

Needs more caresses than a 2 week old kitten …

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. So she grabs his attention and he starves to death.

And a man hungry for love will not feel generous with his love … he is more likely to hold back.

Men are raised by receiving much less physical affection than women. And men are socialized not to show so much physical affection, which leaves us in a double bond.

Help us get out of our self-imposed prison cells …

5 Reasons Why Men Will Engage With You What Men Want: 5 Reasons Why Men Will Engage With You

Please…? Just a hug?

If you’ve ever touched a man’s arm and seen him stand up and respond, you’ll know that’s 1000% true.

And when it comes to sex, there’s nothing like “too much” – for any of you!

Men feel loved when they feel that their wife loves him and enjoys him sexually.

Yes, for those of you who know the “love languages“- Physical touch combined with Acts of service it is a winning formula for love. In fact, if you’re dating a man who does NOT enjoy physical affection, this is something you should look into. You may be stuck in this part of your experience.

What Men Want – Why It Will Set – # 4: Funny Girl …

Men want women to be playful and FUN.

This is what I call the “Great Kahuna” in many ways.

You see, if you’re playful and fun with a guy, that’s a meta-signal for him. He tells her that you probably have a lot of other things he wants, like respect, intelligence (and the last reason I proposed to you).

In other words, it’s hard to be funny and playful i be a whore. They just don’t mix that well. They are incompatible.

I – Luckily – very easy to detect by a boy. We can smell tense a mile away.

5 reasons why a man will do what men want: 5 reasons why he will commit to you

Do you know how to have fun?

That’s why this is one of the main things we look for when we go out. He tells us a lot about you in such a short time.

Men understand that physical things can only go so far. After the first few exciting weeks in bed are more routine, the boys know we want our girl to show up and be there the rest of the time.

So show her that you are really fun and that you are not so structured. Let go of your need to cement the relationship long enough to show him some fun time. It will go to moooolt way.

What Men Want – Make a Commitment – # 5: Feeling Fever …

The boys want to feel like they have a hot property. You don’t have to be a supermodel, not even.

(News to the Ladies: Most guys don’t find these women attractive. They are malnourished and seem angry most of the time).

  • We want a woman we can really feel hot for, and that means in many ways …
  • We want to love you, not just carry you in your arms …
  • We love when you challenge us, because our desire will make us jump with great pleasure through your hoops …

Watch – Men are not afraid of commitment. This is one of the biggest myths LOTS OF women buy. It literally makes me shudder when I hear women talking about it as if it’s the real reason they don’t walk down the aisle with you.

“Commitment phobia” it’s the smokescreen that guys gladly hide when they just don’t want to tell you they don’t care so much about you.

Where a woman will accept a boy as a project – a fixer-top – when a man smells a personality defect (a deep a) in a woman, she will not try to change you. He will just move on. He won’t care why you stay, as long as he can escape.

And he will gladly let you believe that it was his “commitment phobia” as a card to get out of jail without getting out of jail.

5 Reasons Why Men Will Engage With Women What Men Want: 5 Reasons Why Men Will Engage With You

Make it hot for you!

So if you want to get rid of this smoke in your love life once and for all, you need to know how make him commit to you.

By not trying to commit to you!

It sounds like a mental game, but it’s not.

Life flows for you when you know how to do it harnesses the natural energy of love that impregnate the world.

Men will love you and persecute you …

Stop running with confusion – the kind of confusion that keeps you in mediocre and unsatisfactory relationships.

You deserve to get the best out of what love offers you …

  • Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
  • Imagine that you are both so hot and heavy on each other you couldn’t stand being separated …

He calls you just to tell you he can’t get you out of his head …

If you want to know the secret of which makes men engage, go read this short article …

You will never have to wonder again what men want.

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