5 dating and relationship tips for smart women

I’m here to give you the best dating advice and relationship advice, from a man’s perspective.

After all –

  • You have your life together and you want more than a normal romance. You want a relationship that fills you and makes your heart sing.
  • You want a man who does not run away at the first sign of a serious commitment.
  • Do you want a guy who treats you with respect …

To achieve the kind of relationship that really complete you must be smarter than the herd, madam. You need to know the things that other women just think they know.

Outsmart 5 dating and relationship tips for smart women

And even if you think you already know these things, take a few minutes to review this tip.

Really wonder if this is the way to approach your love life.

Love is not complicated, nor painful if you know how to navigate the currents.

We will drop the first bomb with:

Relationship Tip 1: Recognize that your relationship will go through stages.

The first is the crushing stage. You know, when everything is great (go ahead and sing it) and it looks like this is IT.

But then comes the next stage: The happiness of the connection

  • You talk a lot more and share intimate details.
  • Talk about your tastes and notions. Share your Netflix queue.
  • Love develops fast.

Then comes Rude Awakening – your first disagreement and hopefully your first makeup sex. You discover that this is another relationship, for better or for worse; it’s really different.

The next phase is the shaping phase. This is where you start to adapt to his expectations, and he is doing much of the same, as you discover how to make a relationship with a capital R.

big R 5 Dating tips and relationships for smart women

I won’t go through all the phases here, but it’s important to realize that this progression exists in a relationship so don’t let any of them fool you.

When you’re a teenager, you get it deceived for romance much easier. But the mark of maturity is to know that these phases await you in any relationship.

It’s up to you to manage them.

And that brings us to

Relationship Tip 2: Use force, Leia.

The truth is that a boy is deeply influenced by his peer group.

He will follow the advice of his friends and other boys in his life. That means you want to be okay with them.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Now, that could be a problem if … uhm … you don’t like it. Or they are idiots.

In this case, you may want to seriously rethink it.

Especially if you decide to try to get him out of his clutches because of the negative influence they have on him.

But this also brings to light another set of complications that could haunt you.

read 5 Dating Tips and Relationships for Smart Women

So remember the power of the Force among your friends and use it to decide whether or not he really is the man you want to invest that kind of effort in.

The number 3 advice on relationships is: support your impulses …

You have to realize that a man is driven by two forces in his life:

  • * He wants sex, which is a channel for his love and loyalty, even if it seems superficial at first. It is not. It’s a different way of feeling the same way you want to feel: love and acceptance.

His sexual desire is the fuel of his ambition and his impetus for life.

  • * He wants peace, which is a state of satisfaction equivalent to “happiness.” And he’s always looking for that peace – even in the midst of chaos.

inner peace 5 dating and relationship tips for smart women

So what does this let you know?

It helps you to get what you want.

Which in turn helps you get what you want. I everyone win.

If you keep him sexually satisfied, you will find that you can emotionally break down the barriers that make you feel at a distance.

It is when a man feels sexually “cut off” from his partner that he is more likely to move away to protect himself.

Men already feel “controlled” by sex to some extent. We believe that our sexual desire is a powerful force that pushes us, that is.

But we also believe that women can control us with this sexual desire, and that scares a man.

It seems like a sacrifice of freedom. Which is also what scares us completely about relationships.

cuffs2 5 Dating Tips and Relationships for Smart Women

So keep those impulses in your head at all times when it comes to dealing with it. No, they are not necessarily your main units.

But if you understand them, love them, and accept them within you, you will find that your relationship will flow like a river.

And that brings me to the next one

Dating and Relationships Council no. 4: Keep it positive

The pattern I see with many relationships is enough to give no one heartache.

Almost every relationship comes together with a positive vibe. It’s love, lust, and all the delicious chemicals of attraction, so how could it be anything other than a positive when it comes to romance?

But after a while, some negative things start to set in.

stages 5 Dating Tips and Relationships for Smart Women

It may be this feeling of disappointment that the sparks and fireworks of the new romance must be extinguished, or perhaps this part of us that awaits too of a relationship.

Whatever the reason, a certain level of disrespect and negativity is introduced into the relationship. It could be a wink here, or a sarcastic comment there.

And it can create an atmosphere of anger and resentment if left unchecked.

Have you ever spent time with a partner where they seem to be together because they barely tolerate each other? It’s not fun.

In fact, it is a torture to go out with couples like this, and we start avoiding them if we can.

I think this negative attitude gets into our relationships mostly because we start to see the opposite sex as an adversary, rather than someone who is. too by our side.

Angry Woman 5 Dating Tips and Relationships for Smart Women

We all want to feel accepted and loved wholeheartedly.

And when the other person uses a different medium to get that feeling of acceptance and love, we see it as “Hey! You’re blocking me!”

Instead, you need to put aside your immediate need to meet your needs and remember that it is no intentionally blocking you.

It just has a different method to relate to your experience. It’s not an experience you share.

The more you feel desperate longing for love’s sake, the harder it is often to set aside your own point of view to see your perspective. And that neither men nor women are the enemy.

Only two factions have a communication gap to overcome.

gap2 5 Dating Tips and Relationships for Smart Women

Men and women don’t think exactly the same, nor do they work in relationships the same way. But the best thing is that – with a little patience and understanding – you tin discover this point in common.

And even though you should be working hard all the time to get closer, you should pay attention to my …

Relationship advice no. 5: Stay close, but separate …

This feels a bit counterintuitive, especially if you are desperately trying to get into a man’s heart, but it is one of the most effective strategies a woman can use.

In fact, it is the only thing that really works to make you want it.

It’s easy to lose sight of and think that weaving your life with yours is the way to get the love relationship you want.

Unfortunately, if done wrong, it can scare a man.

You will feel a strange kind of constriction. He will feel a little drowned.

Then, this feeling can turn into a panic that is losing its freedom instead of gaining a loving partner.

pancic guy 5 dating and relationship tips for smart women

The next step is to run away. And he won’t even know why.

If you want to avoid this cold distance with him, you have to leave your relationship to breathe.

What I mean by that is to give moments in your relationship that you are apart for a while.

Or at least keep some routines separate.

Let me give you a quick example of something many people do:

When you start seeing yourself regularly and delving into that groove, you’ll want to start putting things in place to “play your territory”.

It’s okay, but wait until HE asks you to, or buy you your “stay” toothbrush.

The idea is to be a little less eager to get in and mix up your lives in the beginning. This gives you space to breathe and the space you need to not feel overwhelmed.

  • Other areas that you want to keep a little clear of may be your Netflix queues.
  • Or your old CD collection. (Or vinyl collection.)

And yes, even after you get married, you’ll want to keep some “separation” pockets between you. This shows you that you still have your own limits and your own life.

Too much overlap will actually work against intimacy with a man.

dragged 5 dating and relationship tips for smart women

Of course, connection is the goal, right?

And if you want a guy to want to do “official” things, and you want him to take it next step engagement, you need to know what a guy needs.

What makes you ready to really connect at the heart-to-heart level with you …?

What makes you want and lean to please?

You can find out by clicking HERE, where I will explain the “code” that makes a man commit to you.

UPDATED: 10/4/2021

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