4 Best Ways to Meet Vegan Singles

The hardest part about being vegan is not finding something to eat when you go out with your parents. It is to find another vegan so far. While more and more people are becoming vegan (alas for animals!), Finding someone who shares your values ​​is just one piece of the puzzle.

You are also looking for someone who will attract you and have fun with you. It may seem like you’ve never met the right person, but don’t give up. We have some tips that will make finding other vegan singles very easy.


One of the easiest ways to find someone who shares your values ​​is to spend time on activities that focus on those values. This could mean volunteering at a local farm sanctuary or animal shelter, mentoring new vegans as part of an animal rights organization, or preparing vegan meals for those in need.

Some volunteer opportunities also have a social component incorporated later, such as a later mini party. Voluntary tasks that are even less labor-intensive can pay off, especially if you expose yourself to the worst parts of educating others about eating meat and dairy. A lot of people need to relax afterwards, and there can be hard work, playing with philosophy with a group of volunteers.

While it’s important not to treat volunteering like, say, a meat market, don’t put your words down when you volunteer. You are likely to meet someone who is just there to meet other people, but you’ll read them pretty quickly. Even someone else can give you a clue. Don’t be discouraged. There are a lot of well-meaning vegan singles and you can make close friends even if there is no love connection.

Go to Vegan Potlucks

If you are in a big city or university, there is almost certainly a vegan meeting group in the area. These groups hold monthly or weekly meetings, and are often held somewhere where people can gather to share good vegan food and get to know each other.

It may seem strange if the gang is done at someone’s house, and like any non-public even if you’ve never been before, if that’s the case, it’s a good idea to go with another friend (vegan or not) the first time. But most people are there with good intentions.

Don’t worry if you’re not a good cook. In most cases, no one cares if you bring something pre-made or grab a good takeaway from a local vegan restaurant. No matter what you choose to do, it is never a bad idea to contact your organizer in advance to find out how strict your requirements are.

For example, because some vegans choose to eat refined sugar or flour because some, but not all, or even most, are processed with animal products, organizers may ask or require you not to use these ingredients. Keep in mind that even if you bring beer or wine, some, but not all, use animal products in their brewing. Or, like any meal, one of the guests may have a food allergy.

A gang is a great opportunity to hone your culinary skills, but if you’re feeding a large group, this may not be the time to try a new recipe. When in doubt, a hearty bean or bean salad is almost always a safe bet and quite difficult to mess up.

Try a new restaurant

With veganism becoming more popular, more vegan restaurants and food trucks are popping up. Go with a friend, or even on your own. You may feel a little uncomfortable, and definitely don’t interrupt anyone halfway through a meal or listen, but you’ll be surprised where a good conversation can start.

If you’re the bold type, you can even leave your number to someone at the door. It will make you look a little mysterious, and there are few consequences if you don’t get in touch. Saying something like “Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt your meal, but you caught my eye, here’s my number” has a little more risk, but again, not much; just make sure you don’t. they think they may be on another date.

Try a vegan dating app

There is currently a dating app for everyone, and vegans are no exception. There are several vegan dating apps that will help you meet local vegan singles. You may want to try an app that also includes vegetarians. You will also find other vegans there; although many vegans would rather go out with other vegans, they recognize that statistically a vegetarian site will still produce more vegans than the average dating site.

It’s also worth trying other dating apps. While they may not be your first choice if you’re specifically looking for other vegans, many apps will allow you to filter matches by dietary preference. Unless you’re in an app that requires a match or swipe before you can send messages, you’ll still have to deal with non-vegans in your inbox.

You don’t feel compelled to answer. Even if you put in your profile that you are looking for other vegans, you will still get people who have not bothered to read the not so fine letter. You cannot prevent people from contacting you. It can be frustrating, but statistically not everyone will be anywhere for you, whether it’s a vegan app or not. Sometimes it’s a waiting game.

No matter what strategies you use to meet new people, don’t despair if you don’t know the right person right away. This has nothing to do with being vegan. This is how dating goes. Finding the right person takes time, and waiting for the right person is much, much better than jumping on something just for the sake of going out.

You have strong values ​​and your personal values ​​are never worth compromising. First you are vegan for animals, and you don’t have to put it second when you know a person. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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