20 guaranteed ways to drive absolutely wild women … literally

Wow. I want to vomit.

Why should I write this junk?

Articles on “How to Boost Wild Women” are some of the most clichéd and exaggerated ideas. Everyone has one.

And that’s exactly why I wanted to write this. I wanted to do him justice.

To be honest, I think most people who write about this are missing out. They review the same generic advice on a topic that is really important for guys dating someone new.

Men who read only want to keep the passion alive. They know how important it is to make the connection exciting from the start.

So, as a long-time dating coach, I think it is my duty to correct this mistake. After tens of thousands of hours helping people improve their dating lives, I will reveal all the trade secrets.

I guarantee I have a unique perspective that you don’t want to miss.

Here are the top 20 ways men can make women go wild. REALLY wild.

  1. Arrive at your home or workplace without notice. Women love to be surprised. Bonus points if you bring a gift like a large bouquet of flowers or a box of 50-piece chocolates. You want your coworkers to know how much you love them.
  2. If you have just started sending text messages, call them immediately. If he doesn’t respond, leave a voice message or send him another message telling him to pick it up. Show her your strong and intense desire to get to know her better.
  3. Send another message to see if it received your previous one a couple of hours ago. Maybe it didn’t happen for some reason or maybe it was lost. Either way, taking a look at it again will let you know what you mean by business.
  4. Write your longest texts, perhaps paragraphs. Everyone knows it’s hard to communicate by text, so make sure you work it out in detail so that you understand what you’re trying to say. If you give him several questions to answer, even better. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time answering yourself and not anyone else.
  5. When you see a woman you find attractive in public, proclaim her out loud for the world to hear. There is nothing as sexy as a man showing his courage and lack of shame in expressing his feelings.
  6. Whenever a girl asks you where you want to eat, what you want to see, or what you want to do, tell her “whatever you want.” Women love a guy who always wants to please them and makes them call everything.
  7. Whenever you have sex, be sure to ask her if she had an orgasm. If you did not, please apologize immediately. Women appreciate a man who is very attentive to their needs.
  8. Before you go exclusive, tell her about all the other women you’ve been seeing at the same time. She will feel jealous and dispensable. This will encourage you to work harder for your attention.
  9. If you’ve had a great date together, please wait 2 or 3 days before contacting her. This is especially important if you were intimate on that date. Make her wait in advance and make her guess about your feelings.
  10. If it seems like a girl isn’t interested in you, send messages to her friends and convince them to guarantee you. Because you know that if I only gave you one chance, I could see all the amazing qualities you have.
  11. Test your flirting water by sending an unsolicited photo of your junk. Obviously, women like sex, so it makes sense to show them what to expect. A girl who isn’t sure about you will change her mind quickly once she sees the merchandise.
  12. Keep looking for the exact time to go for a kiss. This can take several weeks or months. But if you like it, you want to look forward to this unique moment.
  13. Pretend you only want to be friends with her for a while. This is called “playing the long game.” You may need to do this for months or even years. Ignore the fact that you’re dating other people because you’re creating a real connection here. Finally, when she trusts you as a close confidant, she professes your deepest feelings for her at the same time.
  14. Shower her with lots of compliments, but only on her physical appearance. You can start this even from your first posts. Tell her you think she’s pretty, she has pretty eyes or a nice ass. Keep it broad, don’t specify yourself, and don’t praise her for her personality or the values ​​she has worked hard to cultivate.
  15. Complain about your ex or the terrible experiences you have had with other women. This shows a woman that you think she is special and that she is not like the rest of these low quality women.
  16. When sending messages for online dating for the first time, stick to safe, familiar facts. Tell him what school you went to, when you moved, and how long you’ve been working at your job. Be sure to ask the same questions. Then ask about your day and your plans for the weekend. Don’t go into too much personal, specific, or emotional distress that could give you a chance to judge your incompatibility.
  17. Don’t do anything that might be “weird” or offensive on a date. Don’t say anything too bold. Do not disagree with her in any way, even in a friendly way. Don’t express anything about your sexuality. Don’t share your dark sense of humor. Cut out all those weird parts of your personality. Women get excited about a stable, faceless man.
  18. If you feel sparks on a first date, tell her you’re in love with her. At the very least, let her know that you have very strong feelings. Then tell her that you don’t even consider seeing anyone else and that you’re deleting your online dating profile.
  19. When things get hot and heavy, it quickly turns to sex. Give up all the boring previous games and get straight into the good stuff. Show her how you can move fast and fast like a porn star, because that is the ultimate representation of pleasure.
  20. If you know you just want a casual connection but think you want more, don’t eat it until you do. In fact, avoid it at all costs. Obviously you like it, so why ruin the connection? If she mentions the conversation about the relationship, tell her that you are still thinking about it so that you can continue to have sex for the time being.

jo promise these ideas will turn a woman into a savage and make her blood boil.

Wait a second

Do you think that meant wild as in? woken up o excited for you?

Oh my. My sincerest apologies, what a silly misunderstanding.

I mean, these things will DEFINITELY go back to wild women … savages of rage, frustration, and disgust.

So don’t do any of these things. Always. Really.

If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

So what should you do instead? Exactly the opposite of everything I’ve written.

And in doing so, you will follow some of the best tips that have ever come out of one of these articles on “How to Boost Wild Women.”

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