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Have an appointment for New Year’s Eve

by Andrea McGinty

Well, we all know about the 12 days of Christmas, but maybe you didn’t know? The 12 days begin on Christmas Day — end the day before the Epiphany (January 5). Except, this won’t work for singles who are dating again during the busiest time of the year!

We all take time to succeed in our careers, our friendships, our families; we put the same effort into your love life. Get started today and get yourself a gift.

What? Will you start thinking about your love life on January 5th?

Well, you’re late for the game and you’ve got a great chance when the biggest number of singles this year will be online. Now, TODAY, is the day to get organized to make sure your love life improves in January and even have a New Year’s Eve date!

Yes, it is true. If you’re looking for this New Year’s Eve date, or even going out the first two weeks of January, now is the time. We are in zone zero.

Here’s a simple guide to the next 12 days as a gift for you: a dating coach who has been doing this for over 25 years and is recognized as an expert by Oprah, Today Show and the New York Times. This will not interrupt your holiday shopping, riding the tree or drinking with friends.

December 13: Party outing. Tell your friends you need new photos of yourself. Let them escape.

December 14th: Call your best friend number 1 and ask her to send you 5 words that describe your personality.

December 15: Volunteering at a charity event? Have a friend take some pictures of you with a Santa hat.

December 16: Baking and making sweets with your nieces and nephews? Take a few more photos.

December 17: Your married friends who met through a dating site / app. (Since 1 in 3 marriages in the last year occurred through online dating). Ask them what applications they have used. Don’t ask your single friends – we only have 12 days and no time for horror stories.

December 18: Investigate dating coaches. Take a look at their websites and packages. Call and chat with them – they will give you advice and hire the person you did chemistry with. They can speed up the whole dating experience – they both hold you accountable and encourage you. (They will also help you choose the right dating site for your geographic area and demographics.) Schedule a Zoom call with her for December 23rd.

December 19: Labor Day. This time, have a partner take a few photos of you alone and take pictures of you with other people. Hey, you don’t want to look like friends without dating.

December 20: Hey, we all know we’re not really working this week. Make a list of non-negotiable securities for you. Make a list of your top 5 interests and 5 things you’d like to try. Email them to your new dating coach.

December 21 – Make a list of attributes you would like in another person. Call BFF # 2 and ask for 5 words to describe you.

December 22: Review photos from your phone from last year and put a photo album on your phone titled “Dating 2022” with the other photos above.

December 23: One hour Zoom call with your dating coach. (Yes, you have time, you won’t be shopping, drinking eggs and eating Christmas cookies all day). Send all your photos from the well-organized album, your attribute and interest lists to your dating coach.

December 24 – Your dating coach submits your dating profile, photo selection, and recommendations for a dating site. Please send feedback on the same day.

December 25: Enjoy friends, family, kids and all the holidays.

December 26 – Live Online! I recommend that you start with 2 dating sites / apps.

Please trust me: you will be very advanced in the dating game with a beautiful profile written by a professional dating coach, many photos of different parts of you and an interesting dating profile, as there was a lot of foresight in this … 12 days.

Today is the day. Why wait? It’s time to dump her and move on. Call me at 702-494-7344 to get started today.

Happy New Year and here to know the love of your life.



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