10 nasty habits that turn it off instantly!

Top 10 nasty habits that turn it off instantly!

Make “THIS” an amazing thing instead!

Find a nice piece but before you can say, “How are you?” you show one of those nasty habits that instantly turn you off.

Don’t go for it. Don’t collect $ 200.

Dude, if you discard these nasty habits, you will not only eat them from the palm of your hand, but you will also feel a better man.

Double victory!

Let’s explore each of these nasty habits that instantly turn it off, and the only amazing habit that instantly makes you want more!

Unpleasant habits that turn it off instantly

10 Preparation

This one is pretty straightforward and obvious.

It may not be a bad preparation or not the number 10, but it is one of the first things you will notice in this list of nasty habits that turn it off instantly.


You meet a girl and you’re messy, she smells bad and you haven’t taken care of your hair, skin and nails.

If you just finished the real man job, it’s not great, but otherwise … turn it off!

Ask yourself if you really want to be with a woman who rarely bathes and smells bad.

Just like you would imagine a skanky snatch, she would imagine a skanky sack.

‘He didn’t say anything.

9 Bad attitude

If this makes you crazy, you might qualify for the second nasty habit that instantly turns you off.

A bad attitude.

What is a bad attitude?

Glad you asked!

A bad attitude is to focus on the negatives all the time; never be happy about anything and generally get depressed.


It’s Saturday morning and you’re queuing up at the grocery store and you hear a sigh of a sweet pretty girl behind you.

Thinking you’re on the same page of frustration, you say with a face gesture, “The manager should be fired for poor staff scheduling.”

Even if she agrees with you, unless she is a negative Nelly, she will assume that your default setting is impatience and negativity.

Instead, you could playfully say, “Some staff seem to have the 26 oz flu today.”

Life is hard enough without looking at the negatives all the time.

In the same line there are…

8 Be rude, friend

It’s one thing to be negative in your little world, but it takes it to another level when you’re rude to others.

Especially when there is no reason for it.

Hint: There is never a reason to be rude.


You reach the cashier and say, “It’s time” loud enough for Sweet Miss to hear you.

It is not the fault of the cashiers that the store has a small staff.

Acting disrespectfully on someone who does not deserve your superior attitude is a great distraction for any woman of great value.

Hint: No one deserves anyone’s superior attitude!

And often, the rudeness comes from the number 4 …

7 Insecurity

Yes, insecurity is the fourth nasty habit that will turn it off instantly.

And women can detect insecurity from a country a mile away.

It is shown as an inability to establish and maintain eye contact; in how to walk, stop, move around the world; and yes, in the way you treat yourself, her and others.

Only the Council

Women reflect your feelings about you. If you feel less worthy, she will feel that you are less worthy.

I’ve made a lot of videos to build confidence. I will link to this playlist below.

Another thing that stems from insecurity is …

6 Impotence

Impotence is the opposite of ingenuity.

You can handle anything that life demands of you or crawl into the corner like a child.


You’ve managed to get over your ditch and you’re chatting about your work.

She asks you what you like most about your job and says, “Friday at 5 p.m.”

Then you do a little diatribe about the disorganized working conditions, your terrible boss and your feeling of stagnation in the company.

She says, “You don’t seem to like your job very much. Is there anything you can do to change some of these things or find a different job?”

But you tell him it would be the same anywhere else and what sense does it make to try.

Um, deviation.

Women are attracted to wit and impotence turns them off.

Young children are helpless.

He doesn’t want an adult child to feel defeated without even trying.

If this hard love advice hits a trigger, know that it can be something to look at closely. Awareness is the first step to change!

In this line there are…

5 Indecision

Women love men who can take charge and lead the way without hesitation.

Being decisive shows that you have made enough decisions along the way to rely on your own choices, even when they are not working as planned.


Let’s just say that making changes has inspired you to talk to your boss about some changes you’d like to see happen at work.

But your boss is really an idiot and closes your ideas without even considering them.

You’re lucky and someone else is offering you a job that sounds pretty good, but it’s a newer company and you’re worried about their safety.

But you hum and hah and you finally decide it’s worth taking a risk but it’s too late, someone else took the opportunity.

You decide to give up trying. Decisions are too difficult.

Sexy or not so much?

Correct, not so much. ⁇

Which brings us to how this is shown with women …

Example 2

In fact, get the Sweet Thing number and set a day and time to meet.

But instead of being decisive and saying, “Thursday, 7:00 pm at the Fab Wine Bar,” you say, “What works for you? Where do you want to go?”

You think you’re nice, but she experiences that you’re undecided, lazy, or untrustworthy. Ai.

Only the Council

If you do not practice learning a new skill, improvements or worse?


You are worse off; decision making is a skill you can improve.

Which leads to the next of these nasty habits that instantly turns it off.

4 No ambition (or lost ambition)

Women respect a driven man.

What a man is driven by is less important than being driven toward something.

When you have no ambition or have lost your ambition, you get stuck.

Hint: stagnation and lack of purpose, especially for men, can lead to depression.


Due to the crazy state of the world, you are out of work, you gain a few extra pounds and you forget to change your trouser pants regularly.

Instead of actively looking for work, exercising, or putting on clean pants, you give up.

Stagnation, depression, and lack of ambition are not on fire.

Surrender is not an ignition.

I know some of these harsh truths are coming home.

If you want a roadmap with step-by-step instructions to improve your life (even if you get sexier along the way), I encourage you to get WakeUP2Luv!

Because, guess what?

Lack of ambition is not only one of the 10 nasty habits that instantly turn you off, but it can lead to the next nasty habit.

3 Lack of responsibility

Sometimes when you’ve lost your way and the idea of ​​turning your boat around is too overwhelming, you’ll fall into the guilt game.


If you use these words, you will have to deal with the lack of responsibility in the outbreak: “It’s not my fault because … [insert excuse here]. ”

  • The economy sucks.
  • There is too much competition.
  • I’m too tired.
  • The gym is closed.
Only the Council

While women may empathize with extreme “it’s not my fault” cases, lack of responsibility remains a major deviation.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either they are terribly guilty of not accepting responsibility! (Watch the video at the end to find out what you can do about it … if you want, of course!)


You cal arrive at work on what is under your control.

It is best to take responsibility always and unconditionally wherever you can.

This is not to say, “It’s my fault because…”

This is how it seems to decide to take responsibility …
  • There is always work for those who work.
  • If I improve my skills, I will have more chances.
  • Starting with 50 jumping jacks and 25 push-ups will give me energy.
  • I can train at home.

The lack of responsibility is closely related to the following of the unpleasant habits that instantly turn it off …

2 Lying

Tell me lies, tell me sweet lies …

In fact, no, please don’t.

Women automatically assume that if you lie about the little things, you are sure to lie about the big ones.

On the other hand, suppose that if you tell the truth about small things, you are more likely to tell the truth about big things.


You want to go out with the guys but she wants to get together.

So “stretch the truth” by saying you have a job to go to.

Oooo, of course, she finds out and is scared.

Just the advice!

Even a woman of high value will not mind being lied to!

If she can’t do it, you have a damaged woman on your hands.

Hint: lying tells you that you can’t stand the consequences of telling the truth. Shows weakness.

Telling the truth when it is difficult requires strength and courage.

She would have been less angry if you had said, “Girl, I look forward to seeing you, but tonight I’ll meet the boys.”

When a woman trusts your word, she feels safe and does not look for falsehoods that are not there.

But at the first sign of lying, he will turn off instantly and wonder what else you lied about and what else you will lie about!

If you’ve ever caught a woman, you know what I’m talking about!

Okay, the following is something you’ve probably been caught doing all at some point.

And it leads to the only intuitive thing you can do to activate it.

1 Looking at other women

If you’re a straight man, you’re ready to notice women!

But that doesn’t mean your wife appreciates a man’s nature, just as some things about women drive you crazy.

When you can’t control yourself to keep your eyes on your prize and away from other women, your girl will feel despised and distrustful.

Taking a look at other women is definitely one of the nasty habits that instantly turns you off.

However, it brings us to the one amazing thing that makes you want more.

The only amazing thing is that it makes you want more

The counter-intuitive thing that makes her a little crazy but turns it on is …

… When another girl notices you and does not relate to this woman, but mocks your girl.

Do not validate Chick Checking You, even if you know you want to.

But let your girlfriend, or the girl you want, know she didn’t go unnoticed.


When other women want you to help you validate your value for your girlfriend and when you honor your wife by not paying attention to this other hoe, your girlfriend feels safe with you.

It shows that you have value and that you can control yourself because even though you appreciate the validation of other women, you don’t feel affected because you don’t need them.

Again, if you want the map of the meadow of love, get my WakeUP2Luv program.

Yes, it is relevant in today’s crazy world because, in fact …

Our crazy world makes more women want to be with a man who makes them feel safe!

So there are more opportunities with women than when everyone felt much more confident about things.

Get WakeUP2Luv here.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes if you don’t.

You have that!

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